Nippon-Ham / Shinjo Tsuyoshi’s mysterious announcement “I have a report for everyone” in the last home game on the 28th | Full Account

“I would be happy if you could visit” on my Instagram

On the 26th, director Tsuyoshi Shinjo of Nippon-Ham made a mysterious “announcement” on his Instagram. It is said that there was a “report” to the fans in the match against Lotte held at home on the 28th.

“Suddenly, I have a report for the last game of the Sapporo Dome on September 28th. I would be happy if you could come to the stadium.” Attached is a photo of him in uniform taken near the Sapporo Dome entrance.

Director Shinjo is at the helm on a one-year contract, and there is no official announcement yet as to who will be taking over next season. Is the report for the fans about next season, or…? It looks like it will attract a lot of attention throughout the day.

[Llun go iawn]What does the back of the dress say?

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