Nissan officially announces the sale of “Nissan Z GT4”! What is the identity of a racing car that can participate in the popular category “GT4” worldwide?

Introducing a racing machine that complies with the “GT4” standard.

In the current recession of sports cars, Nissan’s representative sports car “Fairlady Z” was reborn as a new model. Strictly speaking, this is the same car that is being treated as a “little big change”, but it is a hot topic sports car that has evolved as a full model change, as a V6 twin turbo engine, 9-speed that newly developed. AT, and a completely new interior. .

Although the Fairlady Z has a history of running in the GT500 class of Super GT, it has not taken part in full-scale races based on commercial vehicles such as Super Taikyu (it has already taken part in Super Taikyu under the test name) .

Finally, a model dedicated to a motorsport foundation has appeared in such a Fairlady Z. That’s the Nissan Z GT4. Let’s take a closer look.

[Erthygl gysylltiedig]Two pre-release Fairlady Zs will compete!Includes “Nissan Z Racing Concept” featured in Fuji 24h

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First of all, “GT4”, which is also the name of the car, means the class in racing, and there are other categories such as “GT3”. This time, the “Z” can participate in the “GT4” class, as the name suggests. Compared to the “GT3”, the cost of the machine and other items is kept low, making it easy for amateur racers to participate. race category. In addition, one of the attractions of this category is the variety of cars that are currently supplied by car manufacturers around the world.

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This vehicle was developed by the NISMO Racing Division of Nissan Motor Sports & Customize Co., Ltd. (NMC). It’s said to be a race-based vehicle that balances driving performance, safety, durability, and functionality at a high level while taking advantage of the good features of the base Z.

Also, based on the vehicle that participated in the “Fuji 24 hour race” mentioned earlier, it has been repeatedly improved, and is said to be finished as a more mature model based on range advice wide range of experts from professional drivers to gentleman drivers.

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The development points are as follows.

・ Engine tuning that takes advantage of the good features of the base VR30DDTT engine

– Chassis and suspension optimized for racing

・ Aerodynamic performance with maximum performance improvement within the regulation range

・ Cockpit optimized for comfort and operation

Details such as specifications will be announced at the SEMA 2022 show held in the United States between November 1 and 4. It has been announced that the supply of vehicles will start from the 2023 season, so this “Nissan Z GT4” should be seen in various places in the scene racing next season.

Nissan Z GT4Click here for pictures

With the addition of the Nissan Z GT4, there is no doubt that the success of the new “Z”, which has been in the eyes of the series champion in the GT500 class of Super GT, will expand further.

I would like to expect the performance of “Nissan Z GT4” in the future.

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