Nivin Pauly in Padavettu | Is love in the eyes? Rain song in Nivin Pauly’s ‘Patavett’

Padavettu’s ‘Mazhapat’, written and directed by debutant Liju Krishna with Nivin Pauly, is out. Pranaam Tulumpuna Mazhapatt lyrics are written by Anwar Ali. The song is sung by Govind and Annie Amy with music by Govind Vasantha.

The film’s song has been released by Sarigama. The song is set in the romantic setting of Nivin’s characters and heroine Athi.

The song’s guitar is played by Keba Jeremiah. Bass by Naveen Kumar, Mixed and Mastered by Amit Bal. ‘Padavet’ is also the first film to be produced under the banner of Sunny Wayne Productions.

The film will hit the theaters on October 21. Apart from Nivin Pauly, the film also stars Aditi Balan, Shammi Thilakan, Shine Tom Chacko and Indrans.

Deepak D. Menon handles the camera. Anwar Ali’s lyrics are composed by Govind Menon. Editing is done by Shafiq Muhammadali and sound design by Ranganath Ravi. Art Direction by Subhash Karun, Costume Design by Mashar Hamza and Makeup by Ronax Xavier. Javed Chemb is the production manager. Stills by Bijith Dharmadam, VFX by Mindstein Studios.

The film is produced by Vikram Mehra, Siddharth Anand Kumar and Sunny Wayne. Sahil Sharma is the co-producer. Bibin Paul, Suraj Kumar, Akshay Valsankar and Ashish Mehra are the executive producers. PRO – Athira Diljit.

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After the films Mary Avas Suno and John Luther, Jayasurya is back in OTT. to the release. The first Malayalam film to hit the digital space during the Covid era was ‘Sufi Yum Sujatha’ starring Jayasurya. Directed by Nadirsha with Jayasurya in the lead role, ‘Eesho’ will be released on October 5 through the Sony Live OTT platform. Earlier there was a huge controversy regarding the name of the film.

Director Nadirsha said, “This is a clean entertainer that can be watched with the family without any cuts or mutes.” According to the makers, Sony has acquired the rights for the film for the highest amount that a Jayasuriya film can fetch.

Directed by Nadirsha and starring Jayasuriya, Jafar Idukki and Namitha Pramod, Robbie Varghese Raj has the cinematography for Eesho.

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