No hotel buffets when holidays resume, says tour operator Tui | Business

Travel group Tui has released detailed plans on how it will manage its hotels after the lifting of travel restrictions against coronaviruses, including limits on popular self-service buffets and a ban on football tournaments.

The UK’s largest tour operator, specializing in package tours, plans to introduce the measures in all of its own brand hotels and make them “available” for joint venture and partner hotels.

The 10-point plan, which will be implemented at the end of strict restrictions against coronaviruses, includes the reduction of all-you-can-eat buffets “to the minimum”.

“Self-service offerings such as buffets will be kept to a minimum,” the company said. “Whenever possible, food and beverages will be served to customers by staff wearing protective masks.”

Customers of the 400 hotels in Tui will also have their range of entertainment and activities restricted to maintain physical distance.

“Only events, sports and entertainment involving a small number of participants and without close contact will be available,” say Tui’s new rules. “Golf or tennis, for example, can take place, but football tournaments cannot.”

Other measures include online check-in and employees 1.5 m from customers in public areas such as restaurants, gymnasiums and hallways. Restaurant tables, which will operate at a “considerably” reduced capacity with longer hours to distribute customer consumption, “will not be cleaned until customers have released them”.

More disinfectant dispensers will be available in all Tui hotels, while “new deep cleaning practices” will be implemented for rooms. Areas such as bathrooms and widely used appliances such as television remote controls “will receive special attention”.

“Customer surveys clearly indicate that safety and hygiene will be of paramount importance to holidaymakers after the lockout,” said Sebastian Ebel, member of the group’s management. “We are laying the foundation for an agile and secure return to business so that we can be ready to deliver our unique vacation experiences again as soon as possible.”

Tui said he will train all of his employees in his own hotels starting this week. In partner hotels not operated by Tui, there will be a training and inspection program using the health and safety consultancy firm Cristal International Standards.

Tui said his 10-point plan complements statutory regulations in all of the vacation destinations where he operates.

The company also said that the destination measures it had published were part of a larger package including maps at its retail locations, flights, hotel transfers, local excursions for vacationers and cruises.

“With this set of measures, we are creating a necessary framework to ensure that we can offer our customers a pleasant and safe vacation as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted,” said Ebel.

You were forced to cancel trips affecting almost a million holidaymakers. At the end of last month, the company canceled all beach vacations involving travel by June 11.

Cruises later in the year are also affected after the company postponed the launch of Tui River Cruises to November 26.

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