Nobel Peace Prize winners and colleagues pledge to resist aggression and dictatorship

The argument that “Putin should be brought to trial”… Western leaders also support
Russia and Belarus did not react much… Condemned ‘Nobel lying in the grave’

(Geneva, Rome, Istanbul) Reporter Ahn Hee Shin Chang-yong Cho Seong-heum = Reporters from Russian and Ukrainian and Belarusian civic groups who were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on the 7th (local time) for their efforts to resist aggression and dictatorship , and colleagues from Belarus He promised to continue his efforts to promote rights.
“We appreciate the support of the international community,” the Ukrainian Center for Civil Liberties (CCL), a co-recipient, wrote on Facebook. “It is very important to us.”
“An international tribunal should be established to give hundreds of thousands of victims of war crimes a chance to see justice,” said CCL President, Oleksandra Matvichuk.
“The Ukrainian people are the main architects of the very peace that we must be able to exist without aggression,” Ukrainian chief of staff Andriy Yermak said on social media.
However, Ukrainian presidential aide Mikhail Podolyak tweeted: “The Nobel Committee interprets the word ‘peace’ in an interesting way. Can we get it together?” he shouted.
“No group in Russia or Belarus was able to organize opposition to the war,” Podolyak added.

Another joint winner, the Russian human rights group Memorial, said it was “recognition of the group’s human rights activities and of colleagues suffering from aggression and retaliation in Russia”.
In a statement to Reuters, Anke Giessen, a member of the Board of Directors of Memorial, which is active in Germany, said: “This award recognizes our decision to support our colleagues in Russia to continue their activities in new places despite worse forced dissolution of the International. Monument from Russia. It’s encouraging,” he said.
The Center for Human Rights, an organization affiliated with Memorial, criticized Memorial on SNS, saying, “Even now, while the world is celebrating our Nobel Peace Prize, a Moscow court is holding a hearing for confiscating the assets of the Memorial.” A memorial was finally abolished at the end of February for breaching the duty to label as a foreign agency.

The Belarusian opposition welcomed the selection of 60-year-old human rights activist Ales Bialyatsky as co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, saying, “It is good news that we have a winner who opposes dictatorship and war.”
“Unfortunately, Bialyatsky is in custody and unable to deliver the Prime Minister’s speech in Oslo, but congratulations to him and his family,” said the transitional cabinet of the coalition, a political organization led by Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tihanovskaya, 40. , in a statement. Greetings,” he said.
A spokesman for Tihanovskaya said: “Bialyatsky has dedicated his life to the development of democracy and peace in his country. We hope that the news of his award, locked in an inhumane environment, will help free thousands of other prisoners,” he said .
“This award is for all political prisoners in Belarus, not only for Bialyatsky,” said opposition figure Pavel Ratushko. “This award will motivate all of us in our fight. I am sure we will win,” he said.
Western leaders were unanimously welcomed and said they would support their struggle.
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen praised the winners: “The Nobel Committee has recognized the extraordinary courage of those who stand up to dictatorship. They have shown the true power of civil society in the fight for democracy.”
French President Emmanuel Macron said: “They will[y enillwyr]can count on the support of France as peacemakers.” he praised
However, Russia and Belarus did not immediately respond.
However, Belarusian Foreign Ministry spokesman Anatoly Graz tweeted: “The decisions of the Nobel Committee in recent years have been so political that Alfred Nobel will lie in his grave.”
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