North Korean nuclear representatives from South Korea, the United States and Japan… Strengthen cooperation on “stopping North Korean cryptocurrency theft”

South Korea, the United States and Japan decided today (7th) to intensify efforts to thwart North Korea’s efforts to finance nuclear weapons and missiles by stealing cryptocurrencies.

It is a level of cooperation to prevent nuclear development.

They also agreed to strengthen international cooperation to stop attempts to evade sanctions against North Korea, such as illegal maritime transit.

The top nuclear representatives of the three countries of South Korea, the United States and Japan held a wire meeting this afternoon and decided to strengthen efforts to prevent North Korea from developing nuclear weapons, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported.

Kim Geon, head of the Korean Peninsula Peace Negotiation Headquarters, had a three-way phone call with US Special Representative for North Korea Seong Kim and the Director of the Japanese Foreign Ministry’s Bureau of Asian and Oceanic Affairs, Funakoshi Takehiro, for the past two weeks, ignoring voices the international community urges North Korea to stop provocations and return to dialogue It has been strongly condemned by the firing of ballistic missiles from the feet and rising tensions.

They drew attention to the fact that North Korea’s frequent ballistic missile launches are clearly in violation of several UN Security Council resolutions, and they emphasized that they will not tolerate North Korea’s attempts to make provocations routine.

The Security Council also said that North Korea should not remain silent in the serious situation of continuing its nuclear development and threatening the international community, but that it must unite and respond to North Korea’s provocations.

The main nuclear representatives of the three countries are calling for a unified response at Security Council level because the Security Council has failed to respond properly to the current situation despite a series of recent provocations in North Korea, and the Council’s ‘useless theory’ Security’ emerges. .

The Security Council held a public briefing on the 5th to discuss the issue of North Korea’s IRBM launch, but failed to produce concrete results, such as a statement of condemnation.

Most members, including the US, called for a decisive response to North Korea’s repeated provocations in public briefings, but China and Russia blamed the US, citing recent military exercises by the US and to allies.

The difference in positions between the West and China is clearly visible.

South Korean Ambassador to the United Nations Hwang Jun-guk, who attended the meeting as a stakeholder, also indirectly criticized China and Russia for opposing the resolution condemning North Korea and adopting additional sanctions in May, saying, “ North Korea responded to Security Council silence with missiles.”

Without finding a result, the western members of the Security Council, South Korea and Japan had no choice but to issue an over-the-counter statement condemning North Korea’s ballistic missile provocation after the meeting.

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