North Korea’s nuclear representatives from South Korea and Japan called South Korea and Japan four times a week… “Strong condemnation of North Korean missiles”

North Korea’s top nuclear representatives from the United States and South Korea and Japan had a phone call this morning (1st) and strongly condemned North Korea’s successive ballistic missile launches.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Kim Geon, North Korea’s top nuclear weapons representative, spoke on the phone with the top representatives of the United States and Japan, Sung Kim, the United States’ special representative for North Korea, and Funakoshi Takehiro, director Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, respectively.

The senior representatives of the three countries pointed to the fact that North Korea had carried out four missile provocations in a week, including today, and pointed out that this was an action that was in clear violation of the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council .

He also pointed out that it is a serious threat not only to the Korean Peninsula but also to the entire international community.

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