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Entering the end of the year like this If anyone is looking for a new notebook, powerful specifications, beautiful design, full performance at a cheap price, it is recommended at BaNANA Online, because now it organizes a promotion for AMD notebooks until to 6,000 baht, plus an additional discount code. more Let me tell you that you should not miss out on this sales event. More importantly, another 4,000 codes will be distributed in the Facebook Banana live on October 4, 2022. Pin and wait. value more than value In addition to getting a notebook with a god specification like AMD, it will also be possessed at a comfortable price as well. For the promotion period that starts from October 1, October 65 – October 15, 65, don’t wait , hurry up to collect the code, then hurry up and go shopping.

AMD Brand Fair 1110x750 1

Additional discount codes



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1,200 baht

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For those looking for a good quality cheap notebook that works without interruption. The administrator will try to pick up a sample notebook to recommend to help everyone consider choosing the right one for their use. important There is also an additional discount. Let’s see, will you get the specification you like at a cheap price?

  1. Acer Nitro AN515-45-R0CJ_Black notebook

price: 32,990 baht, reduced to 26,990 baht at BaNANA Online only

Special, enter code BNAMDOB8, get more discount 800 baht

Notebook Acer Nitro AN515 45 R0CJ BlackNotebook Acer Nitro AN515 45 R0CJ Black

A notebook from leading brands like Acer, which combines the best of Acer and AMD (Ryzen 5000H) is another notebook suitable for gamers. or people looking for a strong notebook used for tattooing You won’t be disappointed as it comes with a wide 15.6-inch screen and popular NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 4GB GDDR6 graphics letting you run multiple programs at the same time . get smooth, uninterrupted With high speed in 144Hz refresh rate and 3ms response, gaming Or your work is always quality and winning. The special features of the 4-zone RGB keyboard make it easier for you to control everything. No matter how hard you use it, it won’t get stuck with a 4-port cooling system that will increase efficiency and cool with dual fans. the best use of all continuous power types Attack all battlefields with Acer Nitro AN515-45-R0CJ_Black notebook

more specificationmore specification

  1. MSI Modern 14 B5M-088TH Carbon Gray notebook

price: 20,990 baht, reduced to 17,990 baht at BaNANA Online only

Special, enter code BNAMDOB5, get more discount 500 baht

MSI Modern 14 B5M 088TH Carbon Gray notebookMSI Modern 14 B5M 088TH Carbon Gray notebook

Another thin notebook. elegant design The quality is tight, the machine is full with AMD Ryzen 5 5500U, ultra-thin, only with a weight of only 1.3 Kg. More importantly, it’s another one in the Modern PC family that’s designed to be ready to use outside the store. What’s more, MSI cares about your usability by designing it to be ergonomic. to be able to use properly Another interesting feature is Flip & Share 180. The screen can be spread up to 180 degrees, allowing you to share your creativity and cool ideas. easy A notebook for studying or working at an affordable price, MSI Notebook Modern 14 B5M-088TH Carbon Gray is a good choice. Let’s try to experience more excellence in BaNANA Online.

more specificationmore specification

  1. HP 15s-eq2168AU Notebook Natural Silver

price: 18,990 baht, reduced to 15,990 baht at BaNANA Online only

Special, enter code BNAMDOB5, get more discount 500 baht

HP Notebook 15s eq2168AU Natural SilverHP Notebook 15s eq2168AU Natural Silver

The ultimate innovation of notebooks that can effectively protect your data due to its special functions. fingerprint reader Help increase the security of your notebook. Whether for school or work, it’s worth it. It comes with AMD Ryzen 3 5300U and a wide screen up to 15.6 inches Supports 11 operating systems Home with a slim design, easy to carry. It lasts all day thanks to a more durable battery. And charge faster with HP Quick Charge technology. No matter how fast you are, you can quickly gather power. Allowing you to enjoy work, study and entertainment without interruption. No jerks at all during use

more specificationmore specification

  1. Asus TUF GAMING A15 FA507RE-HN005W Mecha Gray notebook

price: 39,990 baht, reduced to 37,990 baht at BaNANA Online only

Special, enter the code BNAMDOB12, get an additional discount of 1,200 baht.

Asus TUF GAMING A15 FA507RE HN005W Mecha Gray notebookAsus TUF GAMING A15 FA507RE HN005W Mecha Gray notebook

It is a notebook that is ready to go with you in every use, be it playing games, studying, editing, graphic work, not stuck. It comes with a compact size, a new look to match every way of living. It can be used in many programs at the same time because AMD Ryzen 7 6800H supports it. I really have to compromise with the speed. Heavy use is not interrupted. Plus comes with new features. that you have to try yourself Especially the gambling line is sure to be the number one tool that will take you to victory easily. Competition requires choosing the best option. No matter how long the game lasts, it is designed to handle the heat from the high-powered CPU With Arc Flow Fans™ 84 blades, along with 4 air outlets and 5 heat pipes, heat from use is r longevity less than any other model ever.

more specificationmore specification

Don’t miss out on AMD notebooks, great specs, at an easy-to-own price at BaNANA Online Don’t forget to collect the discount code to shop for more. For participating products, there’s much more to see. Shop more at BaNANA Online or want more details Click to see more promotions.

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