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Notorious inter-state robber Mariarputham arrested in Kochi. He was caught by the family during a robbery attempt in Katrukkadu and handed over to the police. The attempt to kill the family member was defeated with the help of neighbours

One of the rooms where Kanthaswamy, a native of Tamil Nadu, who works for IGNOU, lives in Katrikadav Kattakkara Road, was chosen for the Mariarputham robbery. At about 2:30 in the morning, Kanthaswamy saw the thief while entering the room and continued the search. Kanthaswamy caught Mariarpoota as he tried to escape. All 18 who managed to escape were sent to Mariyarpootham.

Kanthaswamy did not leave the thief even after he cut his head with the weapon he kept in his hand for robbery. With the help of the neighbors who came running after hearing the commotion, they overpowered Mariarputham and tied her hands and feet with ropes. Then the North Pole Police came and took the thief into custody.

Mariar Putham, accused in more than 400 cases of theft, real name is Johnson. A native of Marthandam, Tamil Nadu. In 2018, Mariarputham, who has been involved in a widespread robbery in Kochi, was arrested. He was in prison and was released last year. The robbery then continued in Kochi and other states. In April, a house in Kalur was broken into and Rs 6,000 was stolen

The thief was confirmed to be Mariparuta from the CCTV footage but he could not be caught that day. Cases are pending against Mariarputam in Pondicherry as well, including in Tamil Nadu

Notorious thief Mariyaatpootham arrested

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