Now you can Airbnb into DJ Khaled’s legendary sneaker storage room

Recently, the well-known musician DJ Khaled announced that he will cooperate with Airbnb to open a new host status after launching a series of joint projects with Jordan Brand, inviting fans from all over the world to live in his sneaker storage room rumor hall level and share hundreds of pairs with him The precious sneaker collection is sound asleep.

DJ Khaled said: “Sneakers, like music, are an important part of hip-hop culture, and collecting sneakers is also an art. I collect them with infinite enthusiasm, and I’m very happy to share them with shoe fans worldwide. Welcome to enter My sneaker kingdom, sleep in my sneaker storage room and find out!”

On December 5 and 6, 2022, for just $11 (which is derived from DJ Khaled’s shoe size), fans will have the opportunity to take over the legendary shoe closet and experience DJ Khaled’s first class life in Miami, while exclusive great benefits include: a pair of signature Air Jordan 5 sneakers by DJ Khaled and Jordan Brand’s latest collaborative series “We The Best”, a handwritten welcome letter by DJ Khaled, an outdoor swimming pool and great lounge area, and experience DJ Khaled’s Miami Private Tour day.

Interested readers, log on to at 2 am on November 30, Hong Kong and Taiwan time to make a rush order.

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