October PS Plus free games “Superheroes: Duel 2”, “Hot Wheels: Liberation”, “Superhot”, “Rogue Explorer”, “Crisis Wing” | 4 Gamers

It should be fun. Sony’s free games for PlayStation Plus members in October, this month include “Superheroes: Duel 2”, “Hot Wheels: Liberation”, “Superhot”, “Rogue Explorer”, “Crisis Wing” a total of 5 games.

PS Plus Free Membership:Anyone who holds a PS Plus membership can download it for free. The promotion period is from October 4th to October 31st. Go to the PlayStation Store to download PS Plus free games area.

Finally, the last time to download the free games for PS Plus September members is October 3rd.

Injustice 2 for PS4

It’s a fighting game with a plot, as well as some shooting and action schemes that refer to the movie version. It’s a very adult-like work with a beautiful animation nirvana. If you’ve ever watched, here’s a good chance to get in.


PS5/PS4 “Hot Wheels Unleashed” (Hot Wheels Unleashed)

Welcome to the world of Hot Wheels Cars, where you can collect, build, participate in competitions and get more new cars at will; the game modes include single player, double single player, 12 player online challenge mode, etc.

Not enough yet, try custom tracks and share your creations!


PS4 《Superhot》

A first-person shooter level game from indie developer Superhot Team.

The interesting thing about this is that the time of the movement will flow, the stop will not, and even the speed of the bullets being fired will become very slow. You almost have to think about all your next moves when you stop.

The style of this work is simple, and the colors are only red, white and black. It is a work that is very suitable for thinking about life while playing. By the way, this has a VR version.


PS5/PS4《Rogue Explorer》

As you can see from the name, it’s a Roguelike game, with dungeons of different ecological styles, all kinds of strange and increasingly difficult challenges.

PS5 /PS4 《Emergency Wing》

Retro-pixel art-style pixel beat ’em up shooter with 7 vertical scrolling levels, upgradeable weapons, cooperative multiplayer mode, and head-numbingly difficult challenges.


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