Office of the President, five self-reports of the trip, “The Imprint of Free Unity … Solving major issues with the United States and Japan”

Source: Yonhap News

The President’s Office informed the international community of its foreign policy focusing on “freedom and unity” for the five-night, seven-day tour of Britain, the United States and Canada, and said it had resolved major issues with the United States States and Japan. .

The presidential office issued a press release titled ‘The main achievements of the UK, USA and Canada tour’ to the media today, the day after President Yoon returned to Korea.

The presidential office presented five major achievements of the trip.

Impressing the core foreign policy principle of ‘strengthening international solidarity for freedom’, solving major issues by consulting with the leaders of the US, Japan, and Germany, ‘sales diplomacy’ in full swing, strengthening supply chains for advanced industries technology such as core minerals and semiconductors, science and technology and future growth Building a foundation for industry cooperation, etc.

Regarding the theory of free unity, he said that he presented freedom and unity as a solution to the international problem of the transformer through the keynote speech of the 77th United Nations General Assembly held in New York, USA, and expressed our intention to actively contribute to solving problems large international.

Regarding the condolences to Queen Elizabeth II of England, he said, “I reaffirmed my will to strengthen solidarity with the free world by attending the Director General, meeting with King Charles III, and meeting with the Prime Minister Liz Truss.” I have expressed my resignation several times for this,” he explained.

The presidential office emphasized that the countries visited this time were the three main countries that participated in the Korean War and said, “We have further strengthened the foundation for unity and cooperation with these key allies.”

The presidential office also presented the three meetings with US President Joe Biden as a “Korea-US summit” rather than a friendly conversation.

The president’s office said, “We have confirmed the will of the summit in cooperation with the US Inflation Reduction Act, financial stabilization cooperation (including liquidity supply devices), and extended deterrence against North Korea.”

Regarding the Korea-Japan summit, he said, “The summit with Japan was held for the first time in two years and nine months, providing a turning point in improving relations. Mr.

He also emphasized the full ‘sales diplomacy’ that attracted a total of $1.15 billion in investment from seven global companies, stressing that “this is the largest amount reported during a presidential visit since 2002.”

In terms of strengthening the supply chain for core minerals and semiconductors, he said, “We have completed the supply chain of the 4 global major semiconductor equipment manufacturers in Korea,” noting the investment of equipment manufacturer AMAT the world’s No. 1 semiconductors.

Regarding the Democratic Party of Korea’s criticism that “AMAT already signed an investment agreement in June and inflated its performance”, “AMAT signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Industry and Gyeonggi Province in July this year, and through this trip , There were successive results.”

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