Officer Bellmead Receives Award, Credit for Saving More Lives in May Shooting | Local crime news

Bellmead Award

Bellmead City Council members cheer on Tuesday as Police Chief Daniel Porter (left) hands Officer Cole Baack the City Medal of Valor for his response to a shooting in May.

Kristin Hoppa, Waco Tribune-Herald

The City of Bellmead awarded Officer Cole Baack his Medal of Valor this week after Baack saved multiple lives by arresting a man who had just shot and killed two family members and was chasing a teenager, the head of the company said. police Daniel Porter.

Baack was the first officer at the shooting scene in May and arrested Johnny Alvin Wilson, 36.

“Agent Baack responded without hesitation and arrived on the scene quickly enough to observe the armed suspect chasing a 16-year-old,” Porter said.

Baack was greeted with a standing ovation at a Bellmead City Council meeting on Tuesday when he was awarded the award.

“It undoubtedly saved the life of the young man the suspect was chasing, but also other family members who lived in the area,” Porter said.

Baack has been with the department for about seven months.

Wilson was arrested on two counts of capital murder, a first-degree offense for aggravated assault in the family, a third-degree offense for illegally possessing a firearm by a criminal, and a state jail offense for threatening. of minors. Remains in McLennan County Jail with bond listed at $ 2.3 million.


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