Oh! Close to the end of the year, many companies announce bonuses. Full in advance Some pay 10 months high.

Amazingly, near the end of the year, many of them report bonuses and extra money Let’s throw a hot party Let’s be full Some companies pay up to 10 months People flock to share want to work with them.

Date 4 November 2022 via Chonburi-Rayong News Facebook pagehas driven the rise of year-end bonuses and special funds from various companies In the Chonburi Province area, it is very popular in the online world. Many people said they wanted to move to work together.

The page has introduced companies as follows: 1. Off-road company, year-end bonus for 3 months, plus 52,000 extra 2.TOYOTA GOSEI, 4-month bonus, plus 70,000 extra money 3.ISUZU, end of year bonus 5.9 months plus bonus 17,550 4.HINO end of year bonus 7.4 months plus additional 35,000 baht

5.ADVICS Pinthong Industrial Estate End of year bonus 3 6.5 months plus additional 25,000 6.JTEKT year end bonus 6 months plus additional year end bonus 17,500 + Songkran 20,000 7.DENSO 7.4 months plus 17,500 + 18,000TA additional year end bonus Year 7.5 months, plus an additional 34,000 baht

9. MG 2 months end of year bonus, plus extra cash according to GPA 10. Yokohama Tires Manufacturing, 5 months year end bonus, plus extra cash 25,000 baht, 4% increase 11. Toyota Two Sho fork year end bonus raise 10.2 months plus extra money 25,000-28,000 baht 12.SUMITOMO RUBBER THAILAND year end bonus 5 months plus extra 22,000 baht + 3,000

13. SSMC Rayong Company 6 month year end bonus, plus 20,000 extra 14.AIT, 6 month year end bonus, plus 46,000 extra 15. MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CONSUMER PRODUCTS (THAILAND) 6.5 month year end bonus, 20,000 baht extra money, plus with an increase of 6% 16 .Aisin Mappu Chonburi
7 month year end bonus plus an extra 30,000

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