One month after being a mom, Sherlyn reveals her postpartum body

Was Crissel, the sister of the driver, who shared on her Instagram account a couple of photographs in which you can see Sherlyn posing as relaxed as possible with your child.

The happy face, when your baby falls asleep and you are free a couple of hours … “, you can read in the first image.

And it is that, although Sherlyn made it clear since her pregnancy that losing the kilos she gained was not her priority, her followers did not miss the opportunity of how beautiful she looks, in addition to highlighting that she always shows herself as authentic with her fans.

“Beautiful my Sher”, “Beautiful mother and son”, “Beautiful baby, blessings”, “Beautiful Andre, and your happy with your baby”, “And that will be your happiness for a couple of years more, Mom’s work never ends ”Are some of the messages that netizens wrote.

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