Open the door ‘face the devil’, a former photographer digs up 14 rolls of film ‘Hydref 6’, getting close to the evidence that has never been revealed.

Open the door ‘face the devil’, ex-photographer, dig up 14 rolls of ‘October 6’ film, zoom, evidence that has never been published.

At 11:00 am on October 1 at the gallery “Kinjai Contemporary”, Bang Phlat Intersection, Ratchawithi Road, Bangkok, a museum project on October 6 organizes an exhibition. “October 6, face the devil” To commemorate the events of October 6, 1976 by presenting photographic films and objects that are evidence of the events of October 6, with 3 former photographers who witnessed the events of October 6, namely Mr Somboon Ketpueng, a former photographer of Siamrath, and Mr Pawit Soraj Chana, former Bangkok Post photographer, and Mr. Sayan Pornnantarat, former Bangkok Post photographer is the opening of the exhibition along with receiving certificates from Mr. Thanapol Ewsakul, Editor-in-Chief of Fah Diew Publishing

Then, the three former photographers walked to visit the exhibition. with staff from the exhibition walking and giving information at different times

As for the atmosphere of the exhibition, there are 5 floors in total, from the 1st to the 3rd floor there are pictures of the events of October 6, 1976 around the walls of the room. To allow the audience of the exhibition to experience as if they could experience and participate in the day’s events through real eyes (photographs, objects) and the sound of scraps of paper scattered on the floor.

The third floor of the exhibition reflects the date of the event which coincides with the exam period. So there were many scraps of paper scattered around Thammasat University that day.

On the 4th floor of the exhibition, there is a display.Documentary on October 6 which tells the story of 3 former photographers. and objects that are historical evidence of that event

Regarding the 5th floor of the exhibition, the pictures of the events of October 6 were compared with the political events that took place. to reflect that “October 6, it happens again and again.”

Ms. Supaporn Atsamonkol, exhibition coordinator gave an interview about the purpose of this exhibition which is I want future generations to learn about political violence in Thai society. Although the events of October 6 were 40 years ago, there are still many dimensions. The aspect that the new generation can learn and study from this event. As well as studying who ordered the siege and stopped the events of the Thammasat assembly to demand justice But this exhibition is like an exhibition that raises questions. search for details and search for information of what was found: photographic film of the October 6 event that had never been published before.

“We think that when we talk about the history of October 6, one of the problems is that it is rarely published and widely known. In recent years, when there have been youth gatherings in recent years, there has been a turn to learn more about these subjects. But what can help learning? There is still quite a lot So the importance of collecting historical objects was seen in the project to establish the museum on October 6. For this year, we received 14 original film rolls to make copies.

When we first received it, we didn’t think about organizing an exhibition. But when we zoom in on the image and see the details. With the coordination of the team, the film we got was clearer. creating a story ‘The devil is in the details’ because when we zoomed in, we saw more of the details that happened in that event.” Mrs said

for the exhibition “October 6, face the devil” It will be held from 1 October to 13 November, 2022 between 11:00 am and 9:00 pm at (Closed on Mondays) Kinjai Contemporary Gallery, Bang Phlat Intersection, Bangkok.

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