Open the horoscope for 3 zodiac signs. Don’t be impatient lately. it should remain still

Forecast for 27 September-3 October 2022

Capricorn (16 January-12 February)

Whoever said anything was easy to believe. cause irritation “The Sword Prince” The work around is not bright. feel like a change Tired of work and colleagues The center is suitable for adult consultation problems. Spending is so big it’s a headache. Other people’s troubles who have to sit and take responsibility In the middle, there are good things coming in, but you need to play around a bit. love is very stressful There may be arguments over small issues every day Be patient. Some things that should be ignored will make the atmosphere smoother.

Aquarius (13 February-13 March)

Chaos is starting to build, don’t be impatient, everything has a solution. Working alone can be exhausting. easily annoyed trying to approach an adult acting as a negotiator There are many opportunities to overcome obstacles, and colleagues and colleagues still make you uncomfortable. Finance will have to decide how to use the money saved. steady revolving finance Fortune comes from the water. The more jobs, the more money. But there is no such thing as a risk story. “Three sword cards” Different people have their own ideas. without thinking of listening to anyone, so there is a problem of adjusting a little love will last

Pisces (14 March-12 April)

I didn’t think much about anything other than money. “Three Cards of Scepter” A golden opportunity of work is approaching. is a period of expansion getting the opportunity to get promoted but at the cost of your own sweat Finance costs are still very high. Although there is a big income channel But I don’t know why I’m always fussy Plan your spending a little. Third party boyfriend keeps coming in and doesn’t stop teasing. must be firm Now is the test of stability. The singles tend to have a swooping and swooping style. It’s hard to find a sincere one.

Aries (13 April-13 May)

A strong charm, wherever you go, people greet you. “The Emperor” The work rushed over the curve. Supported by adults Anyone who thinks of you as a competitor will surely be lying. The idea flows has changed the situation of the duty to be better But at the end of the day, be careful of conflict. easy adult finance There is a way to make money But don’t go helping just anyone. or let someone borrow it having problems later Love is so fresh and warm. Lovers take special care as if they were new to each other. Singles are definitely recommended.

Taurus (14 May-13 June)

It is a period of travel, release, do whatever you want, although the work is less attentive. have more problems But manage to survive. At the end of the day, someone will come to help. And be very careful about snort. Finance has a lot of expenditure. It’s all over with a funny party. but still good luck getting fortune including fortune floating in “The Lovers’ Card” Love for single people is guaranteed to be happy. because there will be a unique partner But don’t get your hopes up too high. Most of them are true lovers, hoping to cheat. There are people who love and still have some feelings of neglect.

Gemini (14 June-14 July)

I can’t take it with my own thoughts. The more I would like to have it it will cause problems. Progress is unstoppable, great ideas flow in, but late in the day, be careful, some people are malicious and annoying. Early cash flow has but can with because there is a fortune card But in the middle, it starts to lose all the time. How to spend, be careful Know how to use, know how to keep best. “The Devil’s Card” Love, if you are still single, you will find something cool for sure. But if you’re not careful, it might just be true love.

Cancer (15 Jul-16 Aug)

Chaos comes with change. “9 of scepter cards” Working alone is hard. During this period, you have to rely on others and you will do well. The middle range offers better migration opportunities. The hurried thoughts moved to the right hand. But you may have to travel a lot during this period. The finances are free of worries during this period they are excellent. The bigger the middle the better the luck What do you hold for money? Love suddenly came upon love. Single people will definitely meet their soul mates, very attractive. So sweet that people around you are secretly jealous

Leo (17 August – 16 September)

Carrying a cent of confidence, being able to overcome brain activity problems mental tasks getting satisfactory results But be careful of competitors Now only people are jealous. At the end of the day, there is something new and challenging to try. Funding keeps going up and down. early and late bright “6 Penny Cards” money flow get a fortune from adults but spend well All gone with travel, extravagant things, love, hot charm. Singles who have been excited about great experiences that have been dating for a long time have finally come to an end. with couples and lovers who pay special attention

Virgo (17 September-16 October)

Frustrated with travel, vehicles and people around you, work can be done quickly. but you have to go to someone else cause frustration At the end of the day, to achieve the desired mood Finances on the left, pay on the right In the middle, you have to pay for repairs too. At the end, until age if you have luck and money, don’t be impatient. The end is definitely good. “Queen of Swords” Love seems to be far from each other When they met, they had an argument. The obstacle is emotion. Late to be sweet Single people need someone close to help them be good.

Libra (17 Oct.-16 Nov.)

stay still I’m always looking for something to do here and there. Lots of projects. “Card 1 Scepter” The job offers you a new challenge to try. But it’s usually a side job. The main job looks tired. Thinking about changing anything is not as easy as you think. Finances cause forgetfulness or lost important things Now, if anyone says you get lucky, don’t believe them. There is a criterion to lose from gambling. At the end of the day, fortune comes from people who are close to you. love if still single I can smile. have a new experience The part that loved ones have is a little disturbing. because the child is too provocative sweet end

Scorpio (17 November-15 December)

don’t be impatient It’s a period of stillness and waiting. “Four of sword cards” Work is like walking in its place. Thinking about a change, still haven’t found the right opportunity. The best thing to do is not to be fussy or impatient. At the end of the day, the opportunity is yours. Funds are at hand, but they cannot reach them. Don’t worry, it’s definitely yours, but it’s not time yet. A wise man should not wake the hen. What do you think about love? Love doesn’t always turn out the way you want them to. But at the end of the day, good luck The more single people, there is a reason to meet like-minded people. they have loved ones and are so sweet that they are excellent

Sagittarius (16 December-15 January)

Dare to accept, dare to make decisions that will lead to success. “King of the Scepter” The work is still much more advanced than others as usual. There is an opportunity for change. received by the supervisor thinking tasks intervals of thoughts Finance is another phase of investment. The money was collected for expenses. But don’t worry, the returns are very impressive. dare to think Then everything will be as planned. Single love has something new and bright for sure. But if a woman is too careful, she may lose herself. People with loved ones have plans to travel together.

Teacher Katha Chinnabanchorn

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