Open the top 5 “Vietnam stock funds” conquer the volatility – the lowest negative return

since the beginning of the year”Vietnam stock market index VN-Index adjusted down -19.55% (on 19 September 2022), resulting in “Vietnam Equity Fund“Provides a negative return of -10% to -20%, which was the result of the previous decline to a number of factors.

– domestic factors

two of arresting the president of a major real estate company in the country for handling shares Consequently, the Vietnamese government has begun to investigate the use of insider trading. It also led to the market to adjust a strong base from being forced to sell (Force Sell) of domestic investors.

– External factors

while external factors such as concerns about the global economic slowdown pressure on the export sector, high inflation pressure on the gross profit of listed companies and less liquidity from tightening monetary policy of central banks around the world

However, this year, amid the volatility of the global market, drag “Vietnam Stocks” A heavy fall… We’ll see about that. “Vietnam Equity Fund” Top 5 volatility beaters capable of generating returns “The Least Negative and standing above the market” Which fund has been on the list?

Information from “Morning Star Research (Thailand))” an overview report on Vietnamese stock fund returns. Cumulatively since the beginning of the year (YTD) on September 16, 2022, the average was -14.7% and 1 year at -13.9%, which differs from the full year 2021 with’ the highest returns over the three-year period at 9.4%

The top 5 Vietnamese stock funds with the lowest negative returns are:

  1. Bualuang Vietnam Equity Fund Yield (B-VIETNAM) -2.6%
  2. Vietnam Bualuang Equity Retirement Fund (B-VIETNAMRMF) Yield -3.8%
  3. K Vietnam Equity Fund Yield (K-VIETNAM) -8.7%
  4. LH Vietnam Dividend Fund Yield (LHVN-D) -12.3%
  5. LH Vietnam Electronic Channel Fund (LHVN-E) -12.3%

while the future of investment “Vietnam Stocks” Is it still bright or not? “Fund Manager” They see it as a good investment opportunity in the long term. The current market has already reflected many negative factors.

both of the “imageeconomy of vietnamIn the first half of the year, Vietnam grew at a high level of 6.42% compared to the same period last year and close to the full-year target set by the Vietnamese government of 6.0%-6.5%.

In addition, the “risk ofinflationof Vietnam is still low” compared to other countries by the consumer price index. (CPI) August was 2.89% compared to the same period last year, down from 3.14% in July compared to the same period last year.

while in terms of investmentVietnam stock valueStill interesting” in a long-term investment. From the price which is not too expensive compared to many countries, the Forward P/E of the VN Index has currently fallen to below average 10 years of 9.7 times (on September 19 2022)

In addition, the expected “upgrade to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index” around 2024 will help attract more foreign investors. (Fund Flow)

Mr Chaonkorn Chotibun, Head of Investment Strategy, MFC Asset Management, sees economy of vietnamwith high growth In addition, the stock market is not expensive, however, the marketVietnam StocksIt is a stock market with high volatility. Because it is a frontier market, or “recently developed marginal stock market,” it is subject to liquidity, regulatory and financial reporting standards.

So for new people to invest Recommend to invest gradually carefully. according to the level of risk and the share that investors can accept but for those who have already recommended to continue investing Because the price has fallen, reflecting a lot of negative factors.

Mr suggested Supakorn Tulyatat, Chief Investment Officer of the Principal Asset Management Co., Ltd., that investors withVietnam Equity Fundalready able to continue Including whether there is still a portion of investment that intends to invest in Vietnamese stock funds already. Can buy more gradually, including new investors who are interested can also buy gradually due to fundamentalsVietnam stock marketIt is considered good looking in many dimensions.

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