Open up a great backstage shot Prang Kannarun lurks for this young flower. Kiss the cheek too!

There are fans all over the country who really fall in love with famous singers. “Thongchai McIntyre Bird” He recently held a solo concert There are many fans to attend. As a famous female heroine in the front row of Thailand “Prang-Kannarun Wongkajornklai” joined in the fun at P’Bird’s concert on the edge of the stage Young Prang also posted that ‘#Growing up with P’Bird’s song’

The latest Prang girl posted a clip of the cutest moment that happened backstage. Surprise Pee Bird to give a bouquet of flowers to cheer him up. and a warm embrace and P’Bird kissed the pig tenderly like Prang’s young daughter along with standing and talking In addition, the Prang girl noted the caption “My heart @birdthongchai”. Among the fans who flock to like and comment on this cute moment.

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