Osama Hosni: Egypt’s next striker Mustafa Mohamed, and this is Abdel Wahab’s will

Osama Hosni, the former Al-Ahly star, confirmed that what Mustafa Mohamed, the player of Zamalek, offers is just the beginning for the next Egyptian striker, and I hope Walid Azzaro will return again to Al-Ahly.

An attacker said Al-Ahly The former during his dialogue with the media Ahmed Shoubir Ali on Time Sport channel, that Mustafa Mohamed benefited a lot from the loan period that gave him the participation and experience that made him shine with Zamalek and the Olympic team, but I see that it is just the beginning of the next striker of Egypt must be exploited.

On the authority of Walid Azzaro, Osama Hosni said: Al-Maghrabi is a distinguished attacker who arrives in El-Joun in a very fast way, but he treats himself awkwardly in front of El-Joun, which makes him waste a lot of easy goals, and I hope to return again to Al-Ahly.

Al-Ahly striker added that Senegalese Alliot Badji had reassuring signs and needed a lot of time to prove himself, which is a promising material, adding that the loan period benefited Al-Ahly stars such as Ammar Hamdy, Mohamed Sharif, Akram Tawfik and Ahmed Rayan.

And about Ramadan Sobhi, I hope he stays in Al Ahly after his performance has evolved, and he only needs to work on himself in front of John, as did the Liverpool star Mohamed Salah.

Hosni revealed, “The death of Mohamed Abdel-Wahab on the field during training is one of the most difficult moments of my life two days before. Read it and invite it. “

Hosni continued that the interest of Portugal’s Manuel Jose, the former Al-Ahly coach, in the Angolan Amadou Flavio affected my participation with the team.

He continued, that Jose Habib was proving his vision of the capabilities of Flavio, and he was playing along with Imad Miteb, which affected my participation with the team.

He explained, although my participation was few but was very impressive, I always recorded and the finals were Al-Saad Alia High like the Egypt Cup final against Zamalek 4/3, I scored two goals and changed the result in favor of Al-Ahly, despite wasting the easiest opportunity.

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