‘Outcore: Desktop Adventure’ is now available for free

The developer, Doctor Shinobi, is a meta-adventure that solves mysteries on the desktop.Outcore: Desktop Adventure]Free delivery started. Japanese is already supported.

Outcore: Desktop Adventureis a puzzle game that uses the Windows desktop to solve mysteries. The main character is “Rumi”, a girl who suddenly appeared on the desktop. Players rely on Rumi’s prompts to collect memories from the desktop and actual folders.

As the game progresses, the screen changes to Rumi’s world, and various gimmicks and games appear. Rumi’s past will be revealed along with unique characters in the game, such as horror effects and meme effects.

The feature of this work isIt is a meta production that jumps over the game screen.the playerYou can search for files in folders or draw a picture of the same shape as the keyhole shown on the screen using the standard Windows paint software.to solve puzzles.

(Image from Outcore: Desktop Adventure Steam page)
(Image from Outcore: Desktop Adventure Steam page)
(Image from Outcore: Desktop Adventure Steam page)

This work will be presented at “BitSummit X-Roads” in 2022.Innovative” was given to the game withReceived the Innovative Prohibition Award.It was showcased at the “Tokyo Game Show 2022” held this month, and many people were looking forward to its release.

Such “Outcore: Desktop Adventure” is available for free on Steam from today. It also supports Japanese.

If you are interested, why not take a journey to retrace your memories with Rumi?

Outcore: Desktop Steam Adventure Page

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