‘Pa Ted’ breaks the record!!! 2nd Vietnam Poker Dream Tournament 2022

After taking home the prize money last time, “Pa Thed-Yuthana Boonom” led the entertainment team to travel to shine again in the Poker Dream Vietnam 2022 tournament!!

In this event, Pa Ted won 2nd place in the NLH Turbo program, receiving up to 87,000,000VND or about 133,000 baht in prize money! This broke his own record for Best Live Cash at the APT Vietnam Hanoi 2022 poker tournament.

On the side of “Top Tap Naphat” he managed to reach the 13th place, sweeping the prize money to 19,300,000VND or about 30,000 baht and “Yong Tarakorn” also managed to win the 19th place on this list, receiving a prize money up to 13,900,000VND for about 22,000 baht, the duo battled poker players from all over the world for 2 days until they reached the In The Money round! In Mystery Bounty, as a result, Pa Ted, Top Tap and Yong have already made their way into The Henden Mob, the international poker sites.

However, Patet said it was a really great experience, today the final table was the first time in his life, even though it was a Side Event (small competition), he was very excited. and then able to stand the distance until reaching the fight in the last hand, finishing in 2nd place, like a battle between Korea and Thailand But it was a casual battle, not stressful, but the heart rate (rate the heart) to 106. The doctor saw the doctor, apparently struck. This tournament, first of all, reaches the final table, and although it is a side event, it is the final table that goes further than expected. I mean, until the last moment, we almost won the championship too, so I’m very happy.

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