Pakistan. An attack on the stock exchange building in Karachi, they are killed

Six people were killed in an attack on the stock exchange building in Karachi, Pakistan, Reuters reported citing police sources. Among the victims are four attackers who stormed.

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The attackers, armed with grenades and firearms, attacked the building, which is located in a zone of enhanced security, which also houses the headquarters of many private banks – said Ghulam Nabi Memon, head of police in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city and financial center.

“Four assailants were killed,” Memon told Reuters.

Attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange building. The attackers were shot by Pakistani services REHAN KHAN / PAP / EPA

According to the Pakistani army, two more people died as a result of the attack. Their identity was not disclosed.

They opened fire at the entrance to the building

At the scene of the attack, police representative Rizwan Ahmed said that the attackers opened fire at the entrance to the stock exchange building, and then broke into the building. The Reuters reported that before the attack, the attackers threw a grenade at the security guards guarding the stock exchange building.

Police spokesman Shazia Jehan, quoted by the Associated Press, said that sappers were called in and trying to clean the building of explosives.

“The situation is still developing, but it is being overcome by security forces,” Pakistani stock exchange representatives also said on Twitter.

So far, no group has confessed to the attack. “Pakistan has long been harassed by Islamist militants, but their attacks have become less frequent in recent years after military operations against various Islamist factions in their fortresses along the border with Afghanistan,” said Reuters.

The Karachi Stock Exchange is the largest and oldest stock exchange in Pakistan, currently included in the stock exchanges of Islamabad and Lahau.

Source of main photo: REHAN KHAN / PAP / EPA

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