Parents deny him cash, the son turns the house upside down

Police last night in via Saragozza where the parents of a boy who became very violent following a dispute called the intervention of the public force.

The agents arrived a few minutes after the call, around 10.45pm. Once inside, it was possible to notice the damaged state of the dwelling furniture, including some torn statues. According to what has been reconstructed, it seems that it was the 19-year-old son who caused the considerable damage.

In practice, the parents – the 71-year-old she 59-year-old – reported that the young man, who had recently returned from a holiday, sent insistent requests for money to his parents, who however denied him. He went on a rampage, at this point the boy took it out on the knickknacks, then ended up letting off steam on the family safe, in vain.

After the appropriate investigations – already in January 2019 the same had been reported for private violence by the same parents – the 19 year old was arrested this time for mistreatment in the family and taken to prison.

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