‘Park Min-young rumor’ Bithumb Kang Mo has never been involved in management

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Amid reports that actor Park Min-young is dating Kang Jong-hyun, who holds the title of ‘Chairman of Bithumb’, the cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has made a statement.

On the 30th, Bithumb said, “Since Bithumb was established in January 2014, there has never been a ‘Chairman’ title in the company, and Mr. Kang mentioned in the report has never served as an employee of our company or participated in control.” He said he was not the ‘Chairman of Bithumb’.

This is in response to the previous report by Dispatch on the 28th that Kang was Bithumb’s largest shareholder and the actual owner of ‘Vident’, a company listed by KOSDAQ. According to the report, Kang’s younger brother is Kang Ji-yeon, Bithumb’s executive director. CEO Kang is the person who served as the CEO of Startup Studio and Bucket in Bithumb’s governance structure which runs from ‘No. 1 and No. 2 Startup Investment Association → Bucket Studio → Inbiogen → Vident → Bithumb’. Mr Kang, with CEO Kang Ji-yeon at the forefront, was also said to have significantly influenced the bidder and used the title ‘Chairman of Bithumb’.

In response, Bithumb reiterated “All businesses, including Bithumb exchange and platform operation, are operated under the responsibility of Bithumb Korea management.”

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