Park Seong-woong, ♥ Shin Eun-jung + Sang-woo’s son appearance changes significantly (Camping-chan) [TV종합] : Donga Sports

‘Bali 3’ added more fun as a camping ground challenger with higher tension every time.

In Channel A’s ‘Learning Camping’ broadcast on the 3rd, the three presidents’ passion for the firewood sales service came back, and special guest actress Shin Eun-jung, part-time SG Wannabe Kim Yong-jun, and Mamamoo Wheein has added.

On this day, Park Sung-woong visited his wife, actress Shin Eun-jung and his son Sang-woo, and released a new charm that could not be considered a noir president. He was trembling in fear at the news of their visit, but as soon as he saw Shin Eun-jung, he complained that he had been injured while cutting firewood, and showed an unfamiliar look, such as tying his shoelaces without saying a word even if he got hit by his son’s arm. However, he differentiated between public and private, saying, “There is no privilege for family members to come.”

In the firewood sales service that returned, the three chiefs had a strange show of power. Park Seong-woong threw an infinite ax over one piece of firewood that was not particularly split, creating an eerie feeling. On the other hand, the youngest member, Hong Jong-hyun, showed his bold charm, causing laughter.
In particular, the scene where Shin Seung-hwan, who gained confidence in his firewood skills, provokes Park Seong-woong, saying, “My brother is strong, but he has no work,” he added laughing. As soon as Park Seong-woong brought an instrument, he immediately called ‘Sister-in-law’ and released the extension of ‘Ung Boss’, confirming his position as the pilot’s elder brother.

In addition, the story of a mother and child who traveled together for their eldest son, who was depressed after giving up a while ago, drew attention. Park Seong-woong invited former soccer players Baek Ji-hoon and Oh Beom-seok, who visited the campsite as guests, to continue to advise about their concerns.

In addition, the groom’s special event was filmed before the proposal, adding to the emotion. For his successful proposal, the production team and guests, including the presidents, scrambled in large numbers, put up a big flag, and sent support by creating a romantic atmosphere. When the proposal was made amid everyone’s congratulations, Park Seong-woong sheds tears.

In this camp, Kim Yong-jun and Wheein, who have completely transformed into part-time students, showed a lot of personality just as much as the three presidents. Shy and helpful, he took care of everything from lunch at the campsite to the guests’ proposal event, establishing himself as one of the best part-timers ever. The fishing performance that the two will perform also raises expectations.

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