Park Soo-hong, who was assaulted by his father during the prosecution’s investigation, was taken to hospital

Broadcaster Park Soo-hong

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Bo-ram Oh = Broadcaster Park Soo-hong, who was sued by his older brother for raising his performance fees for decades, was attacked by his father during the prosecution’s investigation and was taken to the hospital.

According to the legal circles on the 4th, Park was attacked by his father, kicking his shin, while attending the investigation scheduled at the Seoul West District Prosecutor’s Office around 10 am that day.

It was reported that three people were present at the incident, including the suspect’s brother, Jinhong, his wife, his wife, and his father, who was present as a witness.

When his father met Park in the investigation room, he reportedly attacked him by saying, “Why don’t you say hello?” and “I will harm you with a weapon.”

Park was shocked and showed signs of hyperventilation and was taken to hospital.

Noh Jong-eon, a lawyer at S Law Firm, which is the Park’s legal representative, said, “We will decide whether to prosecute the father (involved in the assault case) later.”

Lawyer Noh said, “Park’s father has threatened to kill Park since Jin Hong was sued,” Noh said.

After establishing a management corporation, Jin Hong was arrested on the 13th of last month on charges of stealing at least billions of earnings, including performance fees, without keeping his promise to share profits with his younger brother.

Prosecutors are investigating Jin Hong Lee’s wife as an accomplice. The couple is said to have jointly owned several buildings with a total market value of 10 billion won in Magok-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul.

They also recommended Park to buy insurance, and the accumulated payout from Park’s eight life insurance policies is said to total 1.4 billion won.

Lawyer Noh claimed that Park discovered that he had life insurance in front of him during a court battle with his older brother.

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