Particulate coughing fit still in an elevator after fifteen minutes –

“If someone has had a coughing fit in an elevator, small droplets are still present fifteen minutes later. If the elevator doors are left open, it always takes about two minutes before those very fine risk drops disappear from the air. ” That is the view of Daniel Bonn, professor of complex liquids, in the TV program EenVandaag.

Bonn is affiliated with the University of Amsterdam and advises not to take an elevator, but to take the stairs if possible. “I certainly wouldn’t go into a hospital lift in which corona patients are transported.”

According to him, the health institute RIVM endorses that the risk droplets lead to contamination, but has not adjusted the policy accordingly. “I find that strange, precisely because RIVM uses ‘Better save than sorry’ as a starting point. Choirs, carnival, church services and après-ski nevertheless involved a lot of infections.”

The scientist also recommends opening windows and doors facing each other for much needed ventilation. “If the windows at your workplace can open, at least.”

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