Party “Abolition of Taxi Subscription and Expansion of Late Night Flexible Call Fees”

The power of the people and the government have decided to increase the number of late night taxis and increase the late night flexible call rates to alleviate the late night taxi crisis.

At the briefing of the high-ranking party council held at the Prime Minister’s Office in Samcheong-dong on the 3rd, Senior Spokesperson for People’s Strength Yang Geum-hee said, “At the request of the party, the government plans to expanding the taxi supply. , such as raising the taxi title, simplifying the process of hiring taxi drivers, and introducing part-time work in corporate taxis. We decided to actively pursue it.”

“We have decided to increase the late night flexible call rates in order to increase the incentives for taxi drivers to drive late at night, and to expand late night transport, as a new mobility that is different from taxis and owl buses, ” he added.

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