Party officials should not take a stand; Tharoor expressed his displeasure

Shashi Tharoor wants to take action against the Commissioners who have declared their support for Mallikarjun Kharge in the AICC president election. Tharoor asked the Election Committee to look into the support to bypass the circular. Meanwhile, the Telangana PCC demanded the withdrawal of Tharoor’s nomination.

Tharoor is unhappy that K. Sudhakaran has come out in support of Kharge and Telangana PCC has demanded that he withdraw his ticket while the Election Committee has issued a circular saying that those in office should not take sides.

Tharoor also believes that this is the circular issued by the election committee for Kharge, worried that the Commissioners might announce their advertising support. Tharoor also raised a serious allegation that he is yet to get the voters’ phone numbers required to start his campaign. While leaders and groups including Satheesan and Sudhakaran have declared their support for Kharge, Tharoor has his eyes on youth and conscience votes. Tharoor aims to win maximum votes in his own soil with two days of campaigning.

Shashi Tharoor expressed his disappointment over k sudhakarans stand on AICC election

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