Paula Marckx (94) passed away: “Beautiful woman”

Paula Marckx, the Seefhoek woman who became a model, journalist, president of the WTC, writer and author of the Marckx judgment, died last night at the age of 94. She became known as the woman who forced the Belgian State to its knees for more women’s rights.

The daughter of the writer, Alexandra Marckx, reports the death on Facebook.

“Paula Marckx passed away last night. The hereafter will never be what it was again. Beautiful woman. Wonderful girlfriend. ” That also writes advertiser, and close friend of Marckx, Guillaume Van der Stighelen on Twitter.

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More than forty years ago, Marckx made history, when the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, after a complaint from her, ruled that in Belgium there was indeed discrimination between children born into a marriage, supposedly legal children, and children of unmarried mothers, supposedly natural children. The procedure itself lasted for five years, but Belgium had to adjust its legislation. The judgment is a benchmark in family law, compulsory subject matter for law students. The 40th anniversary of the Marckx judgment was even commemorated with an academic session at UAntwerp last year.

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