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Mr. Paltham Kasemsub Senior Director of Investment Banking Department, CIMB Thai Bank, as financial advisor, Precise Corporation Plc, on an online platform for today’s investors to understand the business overview and future action plans. as well as seeing the potential for growth after the initial public offering (IPO) price is set at 4 baht/share and is scheduled to be traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) on October 21, 2022 in Industry, Resources, Energy and Utilities

“This road show has had an excellent response from investors as PCC is the leader in Smart Grid which covers upstream to downstream of the electrical system. And this is the first stock to focus on Smart Grid transmission and distribution. In the Thai stock market, there are shares that are electricity producers measured on MW, but there are no stocks that focus on bringing electricity from manufacturers to the general public. The company is involved in bringing electricity from the high voltage level of 500 kv to consumers using 220 kv. In addition, we believe that in the short term the company will grow from the project to increase the capacity of the distribution transformers, which increases approximately 3 times or equivalent to a total production capacity of approximately 1,080 MVA per year by 67 and a project for a manufacturing plant in Cambodia is to be realized next year.

In the long term, the Company will grow with the development of Thailand’s smart grid system, for which EGAT, PEA and MEA have investment plans (2015-2036) of nearly 200 billion baht.

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In this regard, PCC is proposing an IPO of no more than 307 million shares with a par value of 1.00 baht per share, which is equivalent to no more than 25.03% of the total number of issued and paid up ordinary shares. After this offer

Mr. Kitti Sumrit, CEO and President of PCC, in addition to the clear business plans for the future and strong growth prospects, In terms of PCC’s performance, it is very outstanding and is a key supporting factor that has attracted a lot of interest from investors this time.

in the first 6 months of this year The company had a total revenue of 1,727 million baht, growing 15.3% from the previous year with revenue of 1,498 million baht and having a net profit of 134 million baht, growing 67.5% of the one period last year that made 80 million baht.

PCC operates its business by holding shares in other companies (Holding Company), which includes 3 main business lines as follows: 1. Business group manufacturing and distributing equipment in power distribution systems. Project management, service work, maintenance work for low and high voltage power systems not exceeding 115 kv, and energy management systems for efficiency (Power Distribution and Energy Management System) high voltage ready to manufacture and install control systems for intelligent electrical systems and the production of smart meters (Intelligent Grid) and 3. Business groups investing in the production and distribution of electricity from renewable energy. and fuel production from energy plants (Renewable Energy) and other related businesses

By InfoQuest News Agency (07 Oct 65)

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