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Ms. Veeraya Sriwattana, Head of Investment Banking Department CGS-CIMB Securities (Thailand), as the underwriter and underwriter for the sale of newly issued ordinary shares of Precise Corporation Plc. Sale of ordinary shares to the public (IPO) at a price of 4.00 baht per share Open for subscription on 10 -12 October 65 It is expected to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in October. To trade “CSP” in industrials, resources, energy and utilities.

In this regard, PCC will offer no more than 307,000,000 shares to the IPO, representing 25.03% of the total number of ordinary shares issued and paid up in the Company. through 5 other distributors and underwriting securities, namely Kasikorn Securities, Dao Securities (Thailand), Trinity Securities, Asia Wealth Securities and ASL Securities

“IPO prices at 4.00 baht per share, which equates to a Price to Earnings (P/E) Ratio of 19.16 times, based on the company’s net profit for the last 4 quarters. This is considered a reasonable price and in line with its strong fundamentals ■ PCC is a very attractive energy stock to invest in. of the ability to compete and have the potential to grow much further in the future including executives with excellent vision Almost 40 years of experience in the electrical systems industry.” Ms Wiraya said

Ms Wiraya said

Mr. Paltham Kasemsub Senior Director Investment Banking Department, CIMB Thai Bank, as a financial advisor, said that PCC’s strength is its leadership in the Smart Grid comprehensive solution business and its wide range of products. Dealing with the needs of the power distribution system PCC also studies new technologies for use in products and services. deliver to customers to meet customer needs as much as possible Therefore, there are different products and work systems that cover the Smart Grid business.

“CSP is a very attractive energy stock. Because of the opportunity to grow continuously and be the first stock of the Stock Exchange of Thailand The focus is on transmission and distribution systems and Smart Grid. The electricity system in the future will change to be more diversified There will be more EV cars and charging stations, as well as more investment in solar cells from homes. Therefore, the electricity system must be more efficient, a climb that encourages the Company to have the opportunity to grow strongly In addition, in the long term, the Company will grow with the electricity system that will be developed into a Smart Grid in the future, which the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) and the Metropolitan Electricity The Authority (AOT) FF) has a plan to invest in the Smart Grid part of 200 billion baht alone.” Mr. said

Mr. said

Mr. Kitti Sumrit, Chief Executive Officer And President of PCC said the company plans to use the funds from this 1,228 million baht fundraising to invest in projects under development. and other future projects worth 350 million baht within the year 65-67, including using it as working capital for operations worth 194 million baht and repaying loans to financial institutions worth 650 million baht within this year

“The company is confident that after raising this money this will enable the company to have the potential to do business to grow more. as well as having a strong financial position and being accepted by public and private partners At the same time, the company has reduced operating costs. Support higher profitability and have the opportunity to generate good returns for shareholders in the future.” Mr Kitti said

Mr Kitti said

By InfoQuest News Agency (04 Oct 65)

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