People’s Power, four officers of the MBC accused the prosecution

Source: Yonhap News

People’s Power’s ‘biased broadcasting and MBC manipulation task force’ has submitted a complaint against MBC to the prosecution.

The ‘Fact Finding Task Force’ submitted a complaint to the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office at 2 pm today against MBC President Park Seong-jae, press director, digital news director, and reporter.

Representative Park Dae-dae, chairman of the task force, claimed to reporters after receiving the report, “Even as the ripples of the fake broadcast spread, the act of misrepresenting the truth, rather than resolving or reflecting on it on it, continues, so we have filed a complaint to reveal the truth.”

When a reporter asked, “There is talk of tyranny of the press or broadcasting control,” replied Rep. Park, “The power of the people is that they have neither the ability nor the will to oppress the press.”

In response, MBC said in a statement today, “Although there is a socially agreed procedure to find out the truth, such as filing a complaint with the Media Arbitration Committee, we skipped all of these and went straight to prosecution. ” difficult to find an analogy in the fact that he raised Mann and made an accusation against the press officers of the public broadcaster and the president.”

He further drew attention to the fact, “Requesting the investigation of the prosecution only to the president of the public broadcaster with a vague assumption that he could have been part of the report could be considered as a reporting guideline that no media should criticize authorities in power in the future. ”

He added, “The suspicion that they are trying to avoid the crisis by targeting MBC is growing,” he added.

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