Physical exercise with your pet: double benefit

Being a pet is always beneficial, and more in times of confinement. Not only do you go for a walk with your dog, you entertain yourself with your cat, you sing with your bird, but you can also exercise. From yoga, weight lifting, CrossFit …

If you prefer meditation, “this practice allows connect with yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Therefore, sharing it with your pet is a unique way of understanding it that will provide balance benefits for both. To carry it out, you only need a quiet and quiet space, where you can sit down with your exercise partner and share a special moment, “according to Barkyn.

If you prefer to do push-ups, “eStrength training is essential to avoid losing muscle mass. The push-ups of Arms with hands and feet on the ground are a perfectly adaptable classic to do it in the company of your dog. Every time you do an extension of your arms, look for his little leg to collide with him and he will feel very helpful, “they add.

Toning of arms and legs: “orUsing your pet and its food box as a weight is a very effective alternative to keep your arms in shape and spend time near it. This movement works the arms and legs at the same time. Plus, you won’t miss the gym. “

Jump squats, very beneficial. “They consist of making the movement as if you wanted to sit in a chair, lowering everything you can and jumping up. Meanwhile, each time you go down, show your dog a prize that you carry in his hand and when he goes up he will also jump. It’s perfect for burning calories together. “

The head of Barkyn’s veterinary team, the Dr. Daniela Leal, points out the importance of this practice, which offers benefits like strengthen the link both, an increase in psychological balance or better rest.

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