Pick up and sell weapons, a medieval battlefield blacksmith simulator is out

▲ Sword and Shield Simulator Screenshot (image source: Steam official page)

A new simulator about the life of an ordinary blacksmith in medieval Europe, where wars take place, is about to be released. We are testing through Steam, and are currently recruiting test participants.

The title of the game is Sword and Shield Simulator, and it was produced by Manidev Studios, a Polish game developer. The setting is medieval Europe engulfed in war, and he works as a blacksmith to support the victory of the allies in a chaotic situation. Play is mainly divided into collecting, restoring and selling.

▲ Sword and Shield Simulator Steam Test Preview (Video Source: Mandev Studios Official YouTube Channel)

The first is the conclusion. You can go to the battlefield where the soldiers clashed fiercely and get swords, shields, helmets and armour. Various equipment is located throughout the battlefield, and it is possible to bring equipment from the body. Choose a good one from the equipment you have collected and bring it to the smith. The acquired equipment can be moved by placing it on a cart, and it is also possible to upgrade the cart.

The second is recovery. He cleans various tools obtained from the battlefield, repairs broken armor, and restores the body of the sword by heating the bent sword hot and hammering it. It is also possible to make new weapons by melting weapons, etc. The more you use various tools, the more your proficiency will increase, and the more efficiently you can work.

Sales is the last. After the equipment recovered from the battlefield is cleaned, it is sold back to soldiers going to war. It can be said that it is a form of recycling that makes use of equipment discarded on the battlefield. The money raised by selling equipment can be used to help villages struggling in war or to develop a forge.

Sword and Shield Simulator is being tested through Steam and will be released soon. In addition, Korean subtitles are officially supported.

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