‘Play with dignity, or leave the ground’: Rahane on Yaswasi’s dismissal

MUMBAI: Skipper Ajinkya Rahane has justified the expulsion of team member Yaswasi Jaiswal from the ground for excessive slurping. Rahane told him to play with dignity or get out. Dramatic events in Duleep Trophy cricket.

“The law must be followed. Respect the game, the opponent and the referees. I have always believed in respecting opponents, referees and officials. If that is not possible, get off the ground. That’s my approach’ explains Rahane

The match was between the West Zone team led by Rahane and the South Zone team led by Hanuma Vihari. The incident happened during the batting in the south area. Yaswasi Jaiswal was stopped as a close fielder while middle order batsman Ravi Teja batted. But Jaiswal was constantly harassing Ravi Teja. Rahana noticed this and warned him. But regardless of this, Jaiswal himself continued to ‘work’. Then Jaiswal was called to Rahan and warned her.

But in the meantime, Jaiswal pointed his finger at Ravi Teja who was at the crease and said something bad. Rahane stopped Jaiswal who tried to walk towards Teja and asked him to leave the ground. Yashasvi had scored 263 runs for West Zone when he came out to bat. West Zone scored 529 runs on the strength of Yashaswi’s double century. After defeating South Zone by 234 runs, West Zone won the title by 294 runs.

Many people on social media have praised Ajinkya Rahane’s decision to send Yashaswi Jaiswal, who misbehaved without paying attention to the captain’s advice.

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