“Ploy Horwang” broke up with “Two Sirat”, seriously injured! There are 3rd, 4th, 5th hand that is close to the person who is moving forward and not addicted to netizens to help dig

“Ploy Horwang” rules out “Two Sirat” because the other party has a 3 4 5 hand close to him. Finishes badly, gives a chance, but repeats the same thing. Still asking in recognition status Severe pain, but family, friends and cats help heal hearts, move on and come back to love yourself more. Open a new mind, the specification is anyone. Take care, care and support each other. If netizens want to help dig it up, it’s up to you.

I am single again for the mother “Plo Horwang” It was recently revealed today (October 4) at the press conference for the release of the film OMG! I love you so much…wrong timing that relationship with the young master “Two Sirat Inthachot” It’s been a long time Also, this work doesn’t end very well. The kind I don’t want to talk about anymore. Is it because the man has a 3 4 5 hand? It was close to him, causing a lot of pain and a lot of pain.

Today is the breakdown. It’s been a long time. Let’s talk briefly. Umm…He has 3rd, 4th, 5th, only 3rd hand Finished 3rd from the hill side I have none.. And… he’s a friend. is known He is a person of industry. What kind of sister is she? so he felt He can’t take it anymore (You know, you can’t take it, right?) 3 4 5 It’s probably unacceptable, hyung (laughs) It’s close to me. Ask where the irritation started. Let’s not talk about it, that’s enough.”

3 4 5 I’m talking about the opportunity or the number of people coming in. but he will think
“It’s up to you to think about it. The first time I met Chuk, Chuk, but Ploy doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. I just want to talk about this. As I’m tired of this too, it doesn’t end well. But I still have to ask how it is. That’s all, I don’t want to ask why I did that. but still asking because we have known each other for a long time so have a relationship As soon as the bond was completed We were often asked how it was. That’s exactly it.”

not generous to any status Just asking just acknowledging
“We didn’t give it (laughs) but just asked if we can be friends today. getting to know each other better (Is he asking us or are we asking him?) There are some. Ask some.

The last straw was to repeat the original mark.
“Before, I had given him a chance. But when there are reruns It shouldn’t be. The fact that it is like giving us a 1st and 2nd chance is already a lot. He is a very close person. (Does he have an explanation? Date of abduction?) We don’t talk anymore. But it’s just as messy.”

Family, friends and cats help support and heal.
“I have a family, an older sister, a friend, who love me and support me. And then there is a cat. Cats are the best.”

feel yourself hitting hard both third both close
“I think it’s heavy. It’s like we’ve been hit… not talking. Better enough. It’s strong (like a movie plot?) It’s possible (smile).”

Today, we continue to move forward.
Moved, moved, it’s been a while, we have a cat that can help a lot. It is one kind of healing. He fell asleep on the body. It’s like asking what’s wrong with your mother. For Ploy, that’s fine. and have friends In Kon, I keep asking. For Ploy, it’s very good.”

change the opinion of love I have to come back to love myself a lot.
“You have to come back and love yourself a lot. You don’t have to give love to others first. Give us love first, much stronger, from that day, so much now.”

open heart Spec is anyone take care take care and encourage each other
Open anything, open it (laughs) Oh, right To Ploy, it’s really anyone. take care take care Then let’s encourage each other and help each other. That’s enough.”

The best scanner right now is a friend.
“My friend, my friend is the scanner. Friends can recommend. When asked if I was talking to Kris Horwang, I rarely do. But you’re going to find out as soon as it goes on OK, you know, right? I had to go find out too. because it will be matched equally that we should not say to each other The two brothers will be so that it is embarrassing. dare not say I really want to say but it loses face So I don’t want to say. But when he found out, he encouraged me. he said well We did our best, both of them are single today. Let’s shake hands together (laughs). “

Healing yourself is hard. But if you can think it, you can break it. Keep believing that you will meet better people.
“To be honest, healing is very difficult, but if we can adjust any mindset then we can move forward. It will become strong on its own immediately. the day we can think about it That is, it can be broken. Move on already. be with yourself as much as possible understand yourself as much as possible with friends and understand that we have done our best This person may not be ours. But we will always find better people.”

The incident taught me to love myself more. and don’t trust anyone easily
“He’s learning about one. But it teaches us to look at ourselves more. to love yourself more Let us pay more attention to ourselves. Don’t trust people so easily.”

If netizens want to help dig it up, it’s up to you.
And after that, let’s go (laughs).

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