Polappan performance by Sarasa Balushery through Comrade Sarada

Polappan performance by Sarasa Balushery through Comrade Sarada

Directed by Bijit Bala, Srinath Bhasi starrer Padachone Imam Katholi has been released. As the name suggests, the film starts with the dialogue of Kothivattam Pappu. The story of the film proceeds through the events in the life of Comrade Dinesh in Partygram.

The main attraction of the film is Sarasa Balushery who came as Dinesh’s mother. The actress plays the role of Sarada. Sharada is a character who stands strong against superstitions and customs. Every dialogue uttered by Achamma, who strongly believes in communist ideals, is full of laughter in the theatre. Sarasa manages to keep it going from start to finish.

Sharda is a natural person who does not sit anywhere. She is a loving mother inside, although she always fights with Dinesh and his mother. Even Dinesan, a party worker, indulges in superstitions, only Achamma is seen disbelieving and scorning him.

In the second half, the film shows the situation that brought him the mother. Dinesan found out about Sarada’s affair with his comrade Kelappan who believed in Chouva dosha too late. In the film, it will be a light for Dinesan’s later life.

Sarasa Balushery gives a flawless performance. She can stand above all other characters with the character of Sharada. Achamma who always quarrels with Dinesan is very charming even when she expresses her affection.Sarasa makes every dialogue she utters perfectly with her own style and garners applause.

Before this, the actress has played characters with her own personality in many films. Sarasa’s first film is Sudani From Nigeria. The actress has been active in drama since she was sixteen. Sarasa Balushery has also played a notable role in many films like Ulta, Dakini, Wank etc.

Ann Sheetal, Grace Antony, Nirmal Palazhi, Harish Kanaran and Dinesh Prabhakar are the other characters in the film. Mamukoya and Sunny Wayne are in the film in cameo roles.

content highlight: actress Sarasa Balussery’s performance in the film Padachone Ingalu Kaatholee

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