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Police arrest young men with cocaine in Neukölln

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Here we inform you every day about the latest news from Berlin, with news and stories from all districts of the capital.

7.30 p.m .: Police arrest alleged drug dealers

Two young men aged 20 and 21 were arrested in the Neukölln district of Berlin with cocaine in their pockets. The 20-year-old also had a knife in his breast pocket on Thursday afternoon, like that police announced on Friday. According to this, civilian police officers initially observed the men in Boddinstrasse underground station. They therefore retired to a niche where the 21-year-old is said to have given drugs to the younger one. When they left the station, the police asked them. In addition to a cell phone and money, the 21-year-old had 27 “sales units” of cocaine. A police spokeswoman said on request that these are small microreaction vessels, also known as Eppendorf vessels. Eight of these vessels containing cocaine were found in the 20-year-old.

Police arrest alleged Daimler extortionists

A Berlin special unit arrested two suspected extortionists from the Daimler group. The two men, aged 30 and 59, were caught on the street in Berlin’s Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district on Friday, the prosecutor said Stuttgart, the Stuttgart police and the police Berlin in a joint communication with. The two men are said to have tried to extort a “large amount of money” from an industrial company. According to the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” and “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”, these were the Daimler AG. There was no danger to people.

5:31 p.m .: According to the interior senator, bans will be eased in May

According to Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD), the Berliners have to Corona crisis prepare for changing lifestyles by the end of this year. The current strict prohibition rules could probably be eased somewhat at the end of April or in May. But lifting all restrictions and returning to old life is not going to go so quickly, Geisel said on Friday. “But we must not be under the illusion that we can simply go back to our old way of life after loosening or lifting the lockdown. The virus is not gone.”

Geisel did not say whether schools, shops, restaurants or pubs can be opened again after the Easter holidays from April 20. How much easing of the bans there will be can only be seriously assessed in mid-April.

4:03 pm: Protective masks intended for Berlin police are “redirected” to the USA

200,000 FFP-2 masks were “confiscated” at the airport in Bangkok and were not delivered to the Berlin police. This was confirmed by Berlin’s Senator for the Interior, Andreas Geisel. Previously, the “Tagesspiegel” reported about it and invoked security circles.

According to the newspaper report, the masks were redirected to the United States. Before France and Canada have already reported similar incidents. The US rejects the allegations from France.

Berlin’s Senator for the Interior Geisel says: “We consider this an act of modern piracy. This is not how you deal with transatlantic partners. Wild West methods should not be used even in times of global crisis. I call on the Federal Government to urge the United States to comply with international rules . “

The Senate administration could not say anything about the exact background in Thailand. However, it is believed that the “confiscation” is related to the export ban on masks by the United States government.

2:37 p.m .: Man drives through Wedding at 140 km / h

A 46-year-old escaped from the police at excessive speed and damaged several cars. The officials wanted to check the driver on Scharnweberstrasse on Thursday afternoon, as his car turned out to be stolen when asked for a number plate. When the police asked him to stop, he did not respond, but drove away. The police said on Friday.

His passenger jumped out of the car while driving and fled. After that, the driver accelerated the car up to 140 km / h and damaged several cars. The officers were only able to stop the man by colliding with the emergency vehicle at the intersection of Müllerstrasse and Transvaalstrasse. During his check it turned out that the refugee did not have a valid driver’s license.

Because he was injured, rescue workers took him to a hospital. Blood was also drawn from the 46-year-old there.

1:43 pm: Several high-rise roofs burned in Neu-Hohenschönhausen

The roof of a high-rise building in the Neu-Hohenschönhausen district of Berlin caught fire. The cloud of smoke could already be seen from a distance. As the fire Department tweeted, there were about 70 emergency services on site.

A fire department spokesman told the radio station RBB “88.8”that three roofs burned, but the concrete roofs withstood the fire. The residents could have stayed in their apartments. The fire was probably caused by construction work. The skyscrapers are scaffolded.

A Twitter user wrote that isolated people were supported. The extent of the fire can be seen in pictures from the surrounding area.

12:51 p.m .: Corona restrictions could apply all year round

Berlin ‘s senator Andreas Geisel assumes that the distance regulations and some other restrictions due to the Corona virus-Pandemic could apply all year round. “It’s not going to be endless. But it wouldn’t be serious to say that everything will end on April 19,” said the SPD politician on Friday in the RBB information radio.

“We will have to prepare for the fact that we will certainly have to loosen this lockdown in the course of April and May,” continued Geisel.

11.50 a.m .: Long-time GDR Foreign Minister Oskar Fischer is dead

The longtime GDRForeign Minister Oskar Fischer is dead. He died on April 2nd in Berlin a few days after his 97th birthday with his family, as the publishing house “edition ost” announced on Friday to the German Press Agency. The member of the SED Central Committee was Minister for from 1975 until a few months after the fall of the Berlin Wall Foreign affairs and represented the GDR on the international stage.

Oskar Fischer: From 1975 until a few months after the fall of the Berlin Wall, he was Minister for Foreign Affairs and represented the GDR on the international stage. (Source: imago images)Oskar Fischer: From 1975 until a few months after the fall of the Berlin Wall, he was Minister for Foreign Affairs and represented the GDR on the international stage. (Source: imago images)

10.41 a.m .: Man overrun by S-Bahn and seriously injured

A 46-year-old man was run over by a S-Bahn at the Friedrichsfelde Ost S-Bahn station and seriously injured. According to the federal police, the man was said to have been in the track area of ​​the station on the late Thursday evening shortly before 11:00 p.m. due to an unknown cause.

The officials are currently assuming an accident, but the exact background has yet to be determined. An incoming S-Bahn did not stop in time despite the driver’s emergency braking.

9.56 a.m .: New fine catalog for corona violations applies in Berlin

To better punish violations of corona virus containment rules, The Senate passed a catalog of fines on Thursday.

Accordingly, from today, 25 to 500 euros will be due if people put together in groups of more than two people and possibly oppose the requests of the police. Organizers of larger gatherings even have to pay up to 2,500 euros.

“Anyone who leaves their apartment for no good reason has to pay a fine of between 10 and 100 euros,” said the Governing Mayor Michael Müller continue. Traders who open bars, restaurants, hotels or hairdressing shops despite the ban are subject to a fine of up to 10,000 euros. Such punishments were already possible under the Infection Protection Act. Now, however, it is clear which violation of the rules will be punished and how.

9.02 a.m .: What will become of the Abi exams in Berlin?

Brandenburg decided yesterday: The Abitur exams should start on April 20. And in Berlin?

As reported by the “Tagesspiegel”, the pressure on the senator of education increases Sandra Scheeres on this issue. Apparently she still wants to say today whether and how the exams should start right after the Easter holidays.

8.24 a.m .: Restrictions at the Neukölln triangle

At the Neukölln motorway triangle, drivers have to prepare for traffic jams and disabilities from Friday until after the Easter holidays because of the replacement of a concrete protective wall. As the Senate Department for Transport announced, a wall on the carriageway coming from the A 113 motorway from Schönefeld northwards onto the A 100 city motorway has severe cracks.

There is only one lane left during the repair, which was deliberately placed in the low-traffic Easter holidays. The first works will take place until April 9th. After that, traffic will be released again completely by April 14th. Then the second lane will be blocked until April 19.

7.26 a.m .: Slightly slowed corona rise in Berlin

The number of coronavirus infections in Berlin continues to rise, but not as much as in the past week. The number of infected people increased by eight percent. This roughly corresponded to the growth figures of the past few days and was significantly lower than in the previous week. In just over eight days, this number doubled to the current level on Thursday afternoon of 3,223 (March 25: 1,645). This period is slowly increasing, which is the declared goal of scientists and politicians.

Almost half of the 3,223 cases, 1,564 people, are now considered recovered. However, 20 people have died in connection with a confirmed coronavirus infection.

7:03 a.m .: No contact until April 19

3.8 million people in Berlin now have to go far because of the spread of the corona virus Easter live with exit restrictions – and, on top of that, expect fines even more than before for violations. As announced, the Senate extended the so-called ban on contact since March 23 until April 19, as announced. Initially, the regulation was limited to this Sunday.

6.54 a.m .: Good morning Berlin!

Welcome back to the capital ticker this Friday. We want to guide you through the day again and provide you with the most important news and information from Berlin. Feel free to drop by every now and then!


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