Police catches dump truck with two full bags of waste after … (Antwerp)

Deurne / Wilrijk –

The Antwerp police checked on Saturday in Deurne for illegal dumping and other forms of nuisance. In total, three illegal dumping officers were caught and fined.

The Deurne-Noord neighborhood team approached a person on the Bremweide who left two full bags of waste after a picnic. He was fined. “Someone else was fined in the same place for throwing paper into the plants. Some people were fined for lighting their barbecue in the park, which is not allowed, “said the police. Also on the Wim Saerensplein someone was fined who stuffed his bag of garbage in the glass container.

36 traffic offenses were also fined, including a red rider and many wrong-parking. One controlled person carried cannabis and a brass knuckles. In Wilrijk, the district team caught a public urinator. One driver immediately saw his driving license revoked because he drove up to 110 kilometers per hour in built-up areas.

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