Polio virus found in more than 8% of waste water

(Taiwan English News / Zhu Mingzhu Comprehensive Foreign Report) The US CDC said on the 28th that health units have collected 13 wastewater samples around New York City in recent months, and about 8% have tested polio virus, showing that the virus continues to spread in the community.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the first confirmed case reported broke out in Rockland County, New York this summer. Although this is the only case in the United States, from past experience, health authorities are probably worried about this. only the tip of the iceberg, so waste water samples have been collected in different places for testing.

Between March 9 and October 11, researchers collected 1,076 wastewater samples from 48 wastewater plants in Rockland County and 12 surrounding counties. The results showed that 89 samples tested positive for poliovirus, of which 80 were collected separately. .A further seven positive samples were collected. in New York City from Rockland County, New York, Sullivan County, Pennsylvania, and Orange County, California.

The researchers explained that although most of the people in the United States have been vaccinated against polio, the collection and testing of wastewater can prove that there are many symptomatic polio patients in five counties, so they call Kings County, Orange County People in Orange, Queens, Rockland and Sullivan counties should complete their polio vaccinations as soon as possible.

The US CDC is understood to be considering restarting the oral polio vaccine and opening mass vaccination to stop the epidemic from spreading. The advantages of oral polio vaccine are low cost, easy to use, and can achieve maximum benefits in the shortest time, preventing the spread of the epidemic.

Polio virus found in more than 8% of waste water

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