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Possible reservation app against excessive crowds in public transport

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NRC may write a reservation app for public transport. The corona virus means that there is much less space in buses and trains, and if more travelers arrive, that space must be well distributed. You could with an app.

A working group from the Ministry of Infrastructure, public transport companies and passenger organizations thinks according to NRC after how such a reservation app should work. It is obvious that certain groups, such as people with crucial professions, will be given priority.

Special travel hours for vulnerable groups and a ban on travel that are not necessary are also being considered.

One and a half meters

It is expected that the number of travelers will not increase much as a result of the reopening of primary schools, but will increase with new relaxations. With the guideline of one and a half meters away, the occupancy in the public transport can be at most a quarter of the level before the corona crisis.

“At the moment it is 10 to 15 percent. The growth space is therefore minimal,” says Pedro Peters of OV-NL, the trade association of public transport companies. “The cabinet will have to indicate who can travel when.” Peters also said there last Monday clear rules must come to determine who can and cannot take public transport.


Technically, a booking app doesn’t seem to pose a problem. Various public transport companies already use such a system for flexible services, such as on-call transport.

Enforcement is more complicated. At large stations, travelers can easily be banned from the entrance gates without a reservation, but this becomes more difficult at small stations and in buses.

“You can already see that the grumpiness among passengers is increasing,” says Peters. “If you are going to keep passengers out, you cannot leave that to the personnel of the transport companies. That is a government task. That has to be arranged.”


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