Pregnant in a relationship with a classmate; Abortion allowed after 27 weeks – Kerala High Court | Women

Kochi ∙ The High Court granted a 27-week abortion to a 23-year-old MBA student who became pregnant by a classmate following a consensual relationship. Justice VG Arun said that there are no restrictions on a woman’s right to decide whether she wants to give birth to a child or not and that it is part of a woman’s personal freedom.

The order said that if the baby is alive at the time of extraction, the hospital authorities should provide the best possible protection. The medical board formed in accordance with the court’s order had given a report that the continuation of the pregnancy was a threat to the woman’s life.

The woman, who was suffering from polycystic ovary disease, came to the hospital after an ultrasound scan and discovered that she was pregnant. Then he was under severe stress. The girl’s classmate had gone abroad for higher education. The young woman’s demand was that if the pregnancy continues, her mental stress will increase and her education will be affected, so she should be allowed to have an abortion.

As the pregnancy was past 24 weeks, the hospitals were not prepared to carry out the abortion under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act. Then he went to court. The medical board, established following the court order, has given a report that although there are no physical problems, the mental state is affected.

English Summary: No restriction on women’s right to exercise reproductive choice, says Kerala High Court

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