Premier League ︱Blame Liverpool’s poor performance on Arnault Schulia: Shana Yundi Jack not good (22:45) – 20221003 – Sports – Flash News

Liverpool came 9th in the Premier League after playing 3:3 at home with Brayton last Saturday, and have been thrown 11 points by their brother Arsenal; they were also 3rd in the Europa League with 3 points from both games, with second place Ajax having the same points and 3 points behind Napoli, the table leader, therefore, in order to qualify for the round from 16, they will take 3 points against Glasgow Wanderers. Shulia believes that it is unfair to blame Alexander Arnault for the low performance of the “Red Army”, “Sana, Yundi Jack, Jordan Hendrickson, Zur Medibi and Tiagome Jandana, etc.” Not necessarily particularly good. They should show responsibility right now.”

Yundi Jack also admitted: “We were still fighting for the Premier League title a few months ago, and we are not in the best shape now, but we will improve.” At least 5 of the Red Army’s “Ge Liu” will miss the game due to injury, However, the number of people injured and stopped by the other side was more than 7. It is possible that Napoli’s visit to Ajax on the same day Victor Ossenhan and Ras Burtoni’s arrows have been sidelined, or Giovanni Schmony will be in control.

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