Preparing to study abroad Do you use an agency CD?

to study abroad It is the goal of many people. But sometimes I don’t know where to start or how to prepare Shall I apply by myself or use the agency’s CD? Please approach the answer together separately from this article

For those who plan study abroad at grade level Maybe “Do you use a CD agency?” is the first question. That happens to many people because if you read reviews on the Internet. Or that I have heard, some say that the agency is not good, scary, or has a collection of money, cheating, but if you read reviews from many Thai students abroad, there are often many voices says that Studying abroad using an agency is easy and convenient. In conclusion, “Get ready to study abroad. Do you use a CD agency?” Let’s look around for information.Then try to decide from this article.

  • What is a Study Abroad Agency?

A study abroad agency or company that provides support in the process of applying for further studies with the university, which coordinates and takes care of the accuracy of the documents for further studies

In the Thai market, there are many types of agencies. both paid services and free or paying some service fees There is also the matter of representing the university, which is another obvious difference between study abroad agencies.

Being an “Official Representative” is not easy. But providing university information is not difficult. Many agencies are therefore able to provide university information to interested parties. But there may be a service charge. Because the company does not work with the university itself. So, if you choose to study abroad and use the services of an agency One good piece of advice is Choose an agency that works with the university you are interested in.

Hands On Education Consultants is one of the best known agencies in the industry. study abroad from Thailand and is one of the largest agencies in Thailand. What is the agency’s service and how is it different from other agencies It is inevitably a matter of expertise and correct information.

Hands On Education Consultants, official representatives of foreign universities in Thailand, over 350 universities from the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Consulting services for studying abroad from start to finish, all free of charge

Hands On Education Consultants, commonly known as Hands On, has been in business for over 17 years, with more than 8,000 Thai senior students using the service.

Hands On services start from providing advice on courses and universities. There are activities to prepare for free study throughout the year. Assist and review application documents ready to submit an application Ongoing coordination with the university Once accepted to the university, Hands On also assists in the preparation of student visa application documents. Help with information on accommodation and travel insurance

However, the company’s only condition is to provide university information that the company is only an official representative. Due to reasons of accuracy and correctness of the information On the other hand, the company represents more than 350 universities and all of the universities represented are universities accredited by governments in foreign countries. As well as representing the top 100 universities in the world, Hands On’s university options are diverse. And if there is a problem, the company can coordinate with the university quickly and accurately.

“Ning”, a senior Thai student from the University of Leeds, England, said that he chose to apply for further studies and use the Elder Hands On service because he saw the work of Brother Hands On working in a systematic way. There are clear steps, Hands On will tell us what to do in this step. At this point, what must be done? It lets us know that Hands On has a tight workflow and real experience.

Ning continued that there are many continuing education activities for us to join for free. I personally went to an event similar to the Hands On open house event that many universities have (Hands On Study Abroad Expo, study abroad event of the year). Held annually in November) it makes me realize who Hands On is, there are actually more partners than other places because there are almost 100 universities in the event. many team It made us feel confident in this agency.

A great opportunity for those interested in studying abroad with the Hands On 2022 Study Abroad Exhibition, the study abroad event of the year. A total of more than 80 educational institutions from the UK, USA and Australia will be held on Saturday, November 5, 2022 at the Westin Grande Sukhumvit Hotel from 12:00 – 18:00 Get to know universities and educational institutions You can ask about the course Information about acceptance criteria scholarship information and other related information

Preparing to study abroad Do you use an agency CD?

There are also additional free activities throughout the event. The two seminars to prepare for study abroad English proficiency test and listen to older alumni and British students who will share their experiences of studying abroad in a friendly way You can also consult further study experts Hands On Education Consultants for application information in the this event. All event activities are free.

For those planning to Study abroad, especially in 2023, this period is a golden opportunity to start researching further studies. As this is the opening period for applications for the year 2023 in the early stages and because the foreign university student selection system is first come, first served, who receives the right to consider first. This means that all university seats are still available for us to reserve. Universities in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), Universities in the USA and universities in Australia

want study abroad Don’t miss the Practical Study Abroad Exhibition 2022. Register to attend, click here.

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