Preseason | “Mother Jiang Tao” Tong Ailing, 49 years old, is back to filming and is brave! 4 tips for freezing age is not as expensive as imagined: cleansing is the most important step in skin care

Preseason | “Mother Jiang Tao” Tong Ailing, 49 years old, is back to filming and is brave! 4 tips for freezing age is not as expensive as imagined: cleansing is the most important step in skin care

The ViuTV drama “Preseason”, which aired across the city recently, has attracted a lot of attention from members of Mirror and Error, but Tong Ailing, who plays the role of Jiang Tao’s mother, is still in a state great, regardless of her appearance or figure, she is well maintained, and she can’t tell she’s almost 50 years old!

Before 2003, Tong Ailing married a wealthy Taiwanese businessman, Wang Dunmin, After giving birth to her son Wang Ziyi the following year, she devoted herself to her husband and son, reducing her work in front of the screen and living life happy young grandmother. Tong Ailing, who has become a mother, is well maintained in terms of appearance and body, and her skin is as white and smooth as light, which is excellent! From time to time, she will reveal her recent photos of her life and the secret of a lifetime freezing on social platforms! The following unique skin care tips are not as expensive as imagined, and can be afforded by ordinary women!

Freezing Age Tip 1: Use a Make-up Free Cleansing Oil

Tong Ailing believes that cleansing is her most important skin care step: “If you do enough cleansing, the essence of skin care can be easily absorbed.” Even if you don’t have makeup on, you must use sunscreen, and sunscreen must be removed. This is considered thorough cleaning.

Frozen Age Secret 2: Facial massage to improve contour and get rid of edema

Tong Ailing used to do facial massage after lifting to improve facial contour and get rid of edema. She will use beauty tools or fingers to push from the bottom up, from the inside out. The eye area needs special protection: “Push the middle eye bag up to the temple, and gently push the upper eye socket with a tool with a round head to enhance the effect of the eye area.”

Age Freezing Tip 3: Exercise

After Tong Ailing became a mother, she was still thin, and I didn’t expect that she likes boxing to keep a good figure. Boxing is a total body workout that delivers a fat burning effect throughout the day! She believes, “Women can’t just be thin, they have to follow muscle lines.” In addition to boxing, Tong Ailing also has the practice of hiking, which has a positive effect on the body and mind, reducing joint degeneration and maintaining muscle mass. Good mood, good skin!

Frozen Age Secret 4: Cellulite Drinks

In addition to exercise, Tong Ailing will drink anti-cellulite drinks to enhance the effect of burning fat, which can achieve the effect of detoxification and de-edema for a long time, and it is easier to become a thin body.

Follow Tong Ailing’s secret of frozen age, I believe you are the next frozen age!

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