President 尹, strong warning on North Korea’s nuclear weapons on Armed Forces Day … Fever vehicle climbs to inspect troops

The Armed Forces’ first day since taking office in the morning during North Korea’s missile provocation… “Overwhelming response to attempts to use nuclear weapons”

Emphasizing the joint ROK-US defense posture by referring to the ‘alliance in action’… Mrs Kim was also present

“I am so proud of our military which has grown to be a strong army” Shows trust in the army

President Yun Seok-yeol is in a fever

(Gyeryong = Yonhap News) Reporter Seong-gon Seo = President Yoon Seok-yeol takes a fever at the ceremony to celebrate the 74th anniversary of Armed Forces Day, held at the Gyeryong University Battalion Field in Chungcheongnam-do on the morning of Wednesday. the 1st 2022.10.1 [email protected]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Jeong Park A-ran Kyung-jun = President Yoon Seok-yeol announced his intention to face North Korea’s nuclear threat with an ‘overwhelming response’ between South Korea and the United States in the ’74th Armed Forces Day Celebration’ held at Gyeryong University in Chungnam on the 1st.

On the first Armed Forces Day as commander-in-chief of the military, he sent a strong message to firmly deal with the North Korean nuclear issue by strengthening the joint defense posture of the ROK and the United States.

◇ Declared an ‘overwhelming response’ to North Korea’s nuclear weapons… He also revealed his policy of ‘strengthening ROK-US joint exercises’

President Yun’s memorial speech included two pillars: establishing a robust military preparedness posture against North Korea’s nuclear and missile defenses and building a powerful state-of-the-art science and technology force through ‘Defense Innovation 4.0’.

Regarding the North Korean nuclear issue, President Yoon warned that if North Korea were to “pray” to use nuclear weapons, it would face an “overwhelming” response from South Korea and the United States.

This is a strong warning message that North Korea’s nuclear threat is becoming a reality, such as announcing that North Korea recently adopted a nuclear force policy law that allows it to launch a nuclear preemptive strike.

It also appears to reflect the evaluation of South Korean intelligence authorities that the possibility of a North Korean nuclear test has increased with the completion of Tunnel 3 at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site in Gilju-gun, North Hamgyong Province.

In particular, North Korea has continued its fourth missile provocation in the past week, including the firing of two short-range ballistic missiles on the morning of Armed Forces Day.

At the same time, President Yoon urged North Korean authorities to give up their nuclear weapons, saying, “We must make the decision to denuclearize now.”

He also mentioned the recent talks between the ROK and the US to strengthen extended deterrence action capability, and expressed his intention to further strengthen ROK-US joint exercises and exercises.

“President Yoon will further strengthen ROK-US joint exercises and exercises to realize an ‘alliance in action’ that strongly responds to North Korea’s provocations and threats.”

North Korea has reacted sensitively to the South Korean-US joint exercise, calling it a ‘rehearsal for war against North Korean invasion’.

With this in mind, President Yoon’s perception is that South Korea-US joint exercises were reduced or postponed for five years under the previous Moon Jae-in administration. President Yoon’s emphasis on ‘alliance in action’ is notable in this regard.

This hard stance towards North Korea contrasts with President Moon’s re-emphasis on ending the war without mentioning North Korea or missiles in his remarks on Armed Forces Day last year.

President Yoon also emphasized that it is time to move forward to a high-tech science and technology powerhouse while appreciating our military’s advanced defense capabilities.

To this end, he ordered the redesign of the national defense posture through ‘Defense Innovation 4.0’, while also emphasizing the need to establish a ‘firm adversary and strict discipline’ of military personnel.

President Yoon also sent confidence in the military, saying, “I am very proud of our military, which has grown into a strong army as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces and as one of the people.”

◇ President 尹, examines and ‘thumbs up’… Shake hands with Lee Jae-myung, ‘first meeting after the election’

The ceremony was held to commemorate Armed Forces Day in Gyeryongdae, where the 3rd Army is headquartered. This is the first time in six years since 2016 when the Park Geun-hye administration held an Armed Forces Day commemoration at Gyeryong University.

President Yoon, wearing a dark blue suit and purple tie, entered the 1st Marine Corps along with Korean War veteran Lee Bong-sik Ong, Yun Jong-ho and Kim Young-cheol, PhD. Kim Gun-hee, wearing a dark blue jacket, was also present.

Afterwards, President Yun, together with Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-seop, boarded the No.

The ROK Army unified military band, unified honor guard, unified flag squad, unified special forces, unified future corps, cadets of all militaries, and ground warfare forces participated in the parade.

President Yoon responded with a salute every time he inspected each unit, and even showed a thumbs up while inspecting in front of Hyunmoo’s missile. They clenched their fists or gave a ‘thumbs up’ to the applause pouring in on the spot.

In the training area, large ground forces such as the Navy S-100 unmanned helicopter, Patriot, K-2 tank, K-9 self-propelled artillery, Cheongung, and A-TaKims were used, attracting attention.

After the ceremony, President Yoon and his wife, who watched the combined/joint descent of the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Army, stood up and applauded when it landed on the training ground.

At the end of the event, President Yoon stepped down from the podium and was caught on camera standing with both hands to the soldiers who gathered around him.

After that, President Yoon held a celebration and welcomed about 1,300 distinguished guests at home and abroad, the president’s office said.

About 4,600 people attended the event, including Speaker of the National Assembly Kim Jin-pyo, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Kim Myung-soo, Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court Yoo Nam-seok, Chairman of the National Election Commission Roh Tae-ak, and other key figures, major military officers, veterans and reservists, and ambassadors from the Korean War.

It was held on the largest scale among the Gyeryongdae action events, and USFK aircraft participated in the air force inspection for the first time, the presidential office said.

On the same day, President Yoon met Lee Jae-myung, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, who was a competitor for the previous election, for the first time since he took office. President Yoon previously spoke to Lee for the first time since he took office on August 30.

After the inspection, President Yoon came up to the podium and briefly shook hands with Lee, and also exchanged greetings with People’s Power Emergency Response Chairman Jeong Jin-seok and floor leader Joo Ho-young.

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