President Yoon suggests the right to veto Park Jin’s dismissal “Right and wrong people will know”

President Yoon Seok-yeol effectively vetoed the motion to dismiss Foreign Minister Park Jin.

The possibility of expressing regret about the protracted ‘slang debate’ was replaced by ‘silent and unanswered’.

At a briefing on the way to work at the Yongsan presidential office on the 29th, President Yoon said, “I believe the people will know for themselves what is right and what is wrong,” about a proposal the Democratic Party to dismiss the foreign minister Park Jin. He rejected the opposition’s call for his dismissal, saying, “He is a man who works hard for his sake.”

Although he did not mention it directly, it is interpreted that the possibility of exercising the right to veto the motion to dismiss is left open, and the opposition’s injuries are expected to intensify.

President Yoon also did not respond to a reporter’s question, “Do you intend to express your regret about the protracted controversy over profane language?” which emerged during a tour of New York in the United States last week.

Although some of the assistants in the president’s office have expressed the opinion that it is appropriate to express their regret about the controversy, it is known that the general resistance to expressing regret is stronger.

When asked about his position on the blasphemy controversy on the 26th, when President Yoon took office for the first time on the 26th, he said, “Sabotaging the alliance with reports that are different from the facts gives the people at risk. think it should be explained.”

He led the counterattack directly, seeing that a certain media company tried to undermine the ROK-US alliance by distorting the content of his unofficial comments and driving him into a diplomatic disaster.

President Kim Dae-ki, chief of staff, also met with reporters this afternoon, reflecting this current, and repeatedly defined the debate as ‘fake news’, saying, “(The President cannot Yoon) himself remembered well.” We take this matter seriously. look at it because it could cause separation,” he continued his offensive mode against the media.

However, Director Kim did not give a specific answer on how to resolve the controversy. Instead, MBC indirectly stated that there should be a statement of position.

Correspondent Hong-eun Choi [email protected]

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