“Price of Gold” today (5 October) opens the market up 150 baht.

a reportprice of goldOn Wednesday, 5 October 2022, the first announcement (market opening) at 09.28 am Adjusted 150 baht compared to the publicationtrading pricelast day tuesday Throughout the day, all gold prices have been announced for 6 rounds, including the price hike of 400 baht, reaching the highest level in 3 months.

gold trading priceDomestic type 96.5% Wednesday October 5, 2022 (1st publication)

price of gold jewelry Sold for 30,950 baht per baht.
Buy 29,804.56 baht per baht

bullion price Sold for 30,450 baht per baht.
Buy 30,350 baht per baht.

Domestic gold trading price of 96.5% on Tuesday, October 4, 2022 (last 6 publication)

gold jewelry Sold for 30,800 baht per baht.
Buy 29,652.96 baht per baht

gold bar Sold for 30,300 baht per baht.
Buy 30,200 baht per baht.

Spot gold price It was in the $1,720 area this morning, while the US gold price from Comex which ended last night rose sharply for a third day by $28.5 to the $1,730.5 area as it continued to gain momentum from the depreciation of the US dollar and the a fall in US government bond yields.

Hong Kong gold price The market opened this morning, rising 540 HKD to 16,120 HKD.

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